As the demand for skilled craftsmen continues to increase, more owners are looking for options to reduce the scope of work on their project sites. Modular process units and pipe racks has become a solution to this challenge. With facilities in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, Turner Industries continues to expand its capabilities to meet growing client demand for modular fabrication. Benefits of modular fabrication include:


  • Higher productivity in controlled environment.
  • Horizontal assembly reduces work hours.
  • Shop rates are lower than field rates.
  • Shorter schedule means early production and profits for owner.
  • Reduced need for infrastructure and personnel support.
  • Reduced risk of craft labor shortages.

Facilities Capabilities

Our five locations from Corpus Christi, Texas to Decatur, Alabama comprise nearly a million square feet of fabrication, clean room, climate controlled painting space and laydown yard. Capabilities include:

  • ASME B31.1 & B3l.3 Power/Process Piping
  • Pipe and Pipe Support Fabrication
  • ASME Section VIII Div I Pressure Vessels
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Industrial Insulation
  • Equipment Setting/Installation
  • Civil Services
  • Complete Fabrication of Equipment Skids & Modules
  • Duct Work
  • Fabricated Carbon Steel and Special Alloy Materials
  • Clean Room Fabrication


  • Process design reviews and revisions can be made more frequently and efficiently in the shop environment.
  • Able to maintain higher degree of quality control in a shop and module fabrication facility.
  • System testing performed in facility prior to shipment means quicker startups.
  • Maintenance and operability studies can be conducted prior to module installation at plant site.


  • Risk exposure is less in a module fabrication facility and reduced at the jobsite due to the relocation of scope of work man-hours.
  • Reduced traffic, site congestion and craft interference.
  • Assembly can be performed more safely at floor level inside shop. Much less vertical work.
  • Onsite OSHA exposure hours are greatly reduced – almost 3 to 1.


  • Offsite fabrication expedites process by eliminating permit delays.
  • Fabrication can be performed simultaneous with site work.
  • Crane durations and waiting time at the jobsite is reduced.
  • Easier implementation of multiple work shifts, reduced absenteeism and turnover occurs at a module fabrication facility.
  • Weather and other work stoppage delays are reduced for work done in a modular fabrication facility or shop.
  • Shorter startup due to shop system testing.
  • Increased accessibility and less congestion in a module yard environment.

Shipping Logistics

  • Truck, Rail and Deep Water Access
  • Material & Equipment Handling
  • Heavy Lifting and Hauling
  • Routing and Clearances