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The Turner Specialty Services Inspection Group at BASF’s Geismar, La plant is celebrating ten years of work, 203,573 manhours, without an OHSA recordable. With an average of 2,500 various job inspections performed throughout the year, the Geismar plant continuously has Turner inspectors checking equipment and piping reliability, and conducting quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) inspections to assure that all jobs meet industry standards.

Nathon Williams, Site Inspections Manager at BASF for Turner Specialty Services, is especially proud of the accomplishment. “This shows our client that we are committed to working safely,” Nathon said. “Each employee can return home to their families.”

For how impressive the accomplishment is, Nathon seems to expect nothing less. The group holds daily safety forums to discuss potential safety hazards, and weekly safety meetings to maintain quality and safety of each job, especially when priorities change or surprises occur. Employees also use a buddy system; while each employee is held responsible for their job, fellow employees assure jobs are being done safely and effectively. Finally, when the job is complete, job safety analysis (JSAs) are completed to review all work and safety related events.

“We take safety very seriously and personal,” Nathon said.

The 2,640 acre Geismar facility has 15 manufacturing units and 13 Turner Specialty Service inspectors.