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Turner Industries HR Day Promotes Best Practices

Turner Industries invited all company HR Managers to a day devoted to sharing “best practices” and to providing education and advanced training to assure that any obstacles encountered by any individual offices will be handled in a uniform manner as a team. The meeting took place on September 15 at LSU’s Lod Cook Alumni Center.

The highlight of the meeting was the keynote speaker, Keith Hill, director of the New Orleans field office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC). Director Hill reported that there are over 2,000 workforce discrimination claims are made each year. “Education is crucial in eliminating discrimination in the workplace,” he said.

Turner Industries’ human resources employees were encouraged to maintain a proactive role regarding their employee’s communications. “Supervisors must keep their ear to the ground,” Hill said, believing that by paying close attention to employee interaction, supervisors are able to identify and remove discrimination barriers immediately. This proactive action, Hill claims, instills credibility among supervisors and educates the employees on how to handle situations in the future.

Hill later extended a partnership to Turner, hoping to build a relationship and continue to educate everybody within the company. “Turner welcomed and very much appreciated Director Hill’s comments,” said John Fenner, Turner’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. “We especially appreciate the invitation to partner to maximize our training efforts. That partnership will enhance our ability to continue to educate our employees about issues such as discrimination, harassment, and retaliation which have no place at our work sites, and will not be tolerated in any manner.”