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Turner Industries Celebrates 50 Years of Industrial Innovation

Turner Industries kicked off its 50 year anniversary with a celebration Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011 at Louisiana State University’s Rural Life Museum. More than 200 current and retired Turner employees attended the event, held on what would have been the 90th birthday of founder, Bert Turner. Sue Turner, widow of Bert, attended the event along with other Turner family members, including Thomas Turner, Vice Chairman and COO of Turner Industries.

Roland Toups, Chairman and CEO of Turner Industries, spoke to the attendees and thanked all who played a part in growing Turner into the company it is today. “Bert had guts and vision,” Toups said. “He took Nichols Construction Corporation, a diamond in the rough that was bankrupt, and turned it into this.”
Toups’ list of ‘Thank You’s’ included the Turner family, the employees, whom Bert considered his extended family, Turner’s clients throughout the years, and the employees’ spouses and significant others, who support the employees every day.

Toups concluded his speech by listing the fundamentals of Turner’s excellence. “We are here for three reasons: Safety, flawless execution, and fiscal soundness,” Toups said. “Keep the compass pointed north.” Before leaving the stage, he introduced Sue Turner, who spoke passionately about how proud Bert would be if he were here today.

“When Bert chose Roland to take his place, he did it because Roland believed in what Bert believed in,” Sue said. “Roland built this company into what it is today, and Bert would be proud.” Sue continued to also thank all of the employees for building the company “the right way.”

Roland took the stage one last time to toast the next 50 years and thank the presidents of each division: Billy Guitreau, Maintenance and Turnaround Division; Dave Lauve, Equipment and Specialty Services Division; Don McCollister, Construction Division; Bob Pearson, Fabrication Division. As the night ended, attendees received a copy of 50 Years of Industrial Innovation, Tuner’s 50 year anniversary book, highlighting employees, clients and achievements throughout Turner’s history.

Photo caption: Thomas Turner, Vice Chairman and COO of Turner Industries, makes a toast at Turner Industries 50 year anniversary celebration. Roland Toups, Chairman and CEO of Turner Industries, looks on.