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With Proprietary Software, Turner Industries Advances The Hiring Process

To increase efficiency in workforce recruiting and provide each qualified applicant a quicker, more streamlined hiring process, Turner Industries has developed a proprietary software program called the CraftTrax™ check-in software system.  This program enhances the employee recruiting process with faster recruiter responses and more direct contact for individual applicants with the necessary recruiters, medics, trainers and testers.

Potential employees’ interaction with the check-in program begins when they enter a Turner personnel facility.  At the check-in window, information about the applicant’s craft, area of interest and expertise is entered into the system and an electronic notification is sent to the appropriate recruiter within 10 seconds.  The software, currently in use at the Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, LA personnel offices, will expand to other Turner personnel facilities later this year.

“The meeting between the applicant and the recruiter will take place as quickly as possible,” says Forest Marie, IT employee and lead developer of the CraftTrax™ check-in software.  “The previous system required front-desk assistants to make personal contact with the appropriate recruiters, whereas this system automatically sends notifications to the recruiter.”

If the candidate is qualified, and there is a job opening, he or she will enter into the on-boarding process.  During this time of testing and training, recruiters can use the software to continue tracking the applicants through the process until they become Turner employees.

If there is no current job opening for a candidate, a recruiter may still record the candidate’s information for future use.  For example, if boilermakers are needed for an upcoming project, a recruiter will reference CraftTrax™ to see how many craft workers are in the system that specialize in the specific craft.  The recruiter can then pull up their information, make contact with them and activate the chain of events necessary to get those people to work at the project site.

“With this technological advantage, CraftTrax™ has improved the accuracy and timeliness in which employees are processed by providing an expedient means of accessing information from jobsites and personnel offices across the country and disseminating it to all personnel offices simultaneously,”  Quinn Guidry, a Turner Industries personnel manager says.

The CraftTrax™ check-in system provides the Turner recruiters with a more effective, efficient and real-time database.  This innovation will continue to advance Turner Industries’ ability to find and develop the best workforce in the industry.