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Turner Industries Completes Unprecedented Heavy Haul

The Turner Industries Heavy Hauling and Rigging group successfully completed an exceptional project. The assignment required Turner to take delivery, load and ship a 250-ton vessel 365 miles from the Port of New Orleans to an industrial site in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Turner used its heavy hauling equipment to properly deliver the vessel. The 120 foot long by 22 foot wide load took six days to reach its destination, traveling at an average speed of five miles per hour.

The vessel, manufactured in Italy and shipped from there to New Orleans, required timely delivery to the client’s site as a key component  in their scheduled pre-turnaround. The vessel was an integral component for the turnaround, replacing an older version of a similar vessel. Two separate modules of hydraulic Goldhofer transporters were required to be used in tandem to make the transport, and because the load was 22 feet wide, it was restricted from interstate highway travel. Through detailed planning and communication, four state troopers and five Turner escort vehicles were needed to control traffic the entire way.

“At 120 feet long, 22 feet wide and a combined transport load of 500,000 lbs., we couldn’t afford for anything to go wrong,” Turner Industries’ project manager Gary Blacketter said. “We scouted the route before and had everything noted and planned per mile, per county.”

The experienced crew of 14, under the direction of Blacketter and Turner Industries superintendent, John Adams, made the successful haul possible. This remarkable job was completed with no breakdowns, safety issues or injuries.