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With New Software, Turner Industries Advances Testing and Training

Turner Industries’ Safety and Training Department recently introduced the Turner Safety Training Management System (STMS). This system incorporates Medgate Software’s Education Module and IBM’s FileNet, providing Turner managers and their clients with better tracking and visualization of the safety training and testing history of Turner’s skilled craft workforce.

As Turner Industries continues to expand its industrial service offerings and grow its main business lines, the workforce must grow to support the additional work.  In recent years, that growth has been exponential.  To date, Turner has employed more than 18,400 skilled craft workers and uploaded over 68,000 safety-training assessments into the STMS.

Using the Turner STMS, the Safety and Training Department can now electronically access every employee’s training and testing history. This technology has numerous benefits. Internally it allows Turner to maximize efficiency in allocating necessary training and testing resources. For clients, the system provides assurance that employees new to the jobsite or facility have received the appropriate training and testing required of them.

The introduction of the Turner Safety Training Management System reinforces Turner Industries’ commitment to be the nation’s leading industrial contractor.