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Turner Industries, Through Non-Profit, Provides Laptops to Prospective College Students

Turner Industries understands the growing and important role technology plays in education. That’s why, when Kacy Edwards of Career Compass, a Louisiana-based non-profit providing assistance to students with post-secondary education goals, reached out, Turner’s Information Technology (IT) group was more than ready to help. Edwards requested the donation of refurbished laptops for a group of prospective college students. Turner’s IT employees took six recently retired laptops, reformatted them, added memory and optimized them for college life use.

IT employees Blake Linxwiler and Keith Bonin had the opportunity to present two of the laptops to Career Compass participants Clarissa Levy and Katherine Johnson. “They are energetic and excited about college,” Keith said. “It was great to meet them and see the enthusiasm they have for continuing their education.”