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Turner Industries’ Access Control Units Bring Security and Accuracy to Jobsites

Recognizing that highly accurate reporting of the employee-flow in and out of the jobsite increases project success, Turner Industries has recently placed a fleet of five custom built access control units (ACU’s) at jobsites across the Gulf South region. These units are the result of a collaborative creation by the Construction and Fabrication Divisions, the Security Services group and the Information Technology department. The ACU’s main purpose, controlling employee access, is achieved through the use of employee-specific electronic cards, card readers and full body turnstiles. Putting the units onto active Turner Industries’ jobsites provides numerous benefits to both Turner and clients: a safe and secure work environment, accurate timekeeping and payroll processing, and to-the-minute efficient craft management.

Turner Industries’ ACU’s use technology and Turner ingenuity to ensure the best skilled craft workers are onsite and accounted for, and that the job is completed safely and on-time. To speak with someone about this value-added service call: 1-800-288-6503.