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Turner Industries Sponsors the 50th Annual Brotherhood Sisterhood Award

Turner employees and spouses attended the 50th anniversary celebration of the annual Brotherhood Sisterhood Award on November 15, 2012 in Baton Rouge, La.  Turner was a proud sponsor of the ceremony, which was presented by 100 Black Men and Forum 35.  The Brotherhood Sisterhood Award honors community members who have bridged racial, social, ethnic and religious lines in their professional lives, philanthropic efforts and volunteer service.  This years’ ceremony honored the current recipients, as well as all of the recipients from the past 50 years.  Both Sue Turner, wife of the late Burt Turner, Turner Industries’ founder, and Roland Toups, Turner Industries’ Chairman & CEO are past recipients of the award.  Turner Industries congratulates this year’s award winners, Rev. Raymond A. Jetson, and Frank McArthur.

Caption:  Roland Toups, Darren and Tonja Myles, Regina Nixon, Billy Guitreau, Sue Turner, Janice Guitreau, Kenrick Nixon (pictured left to right)