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Turner Industries Participates in Pilot Workforce Development Expo

Metairie, Louisiana October 14-15 2013: Turner Industries participated in the pilot run of the Greater New Orleans, Inc. and Delgado Community College sponsored Technical Skills Expo. Over 800 area high school students from across the region attended the two-day expo to gain knowledge of the skills, training, and career opportunities available through skilled technical craft pathways. Turner Industries workforce development, personnel, and operations representatives spoke with interested students about career options, what they should expect when entering the workforce and how to prepare for an occupation in the industry.

Dr. Monty Sullivan, Chancellor of Delgado, spoke of Turner’s involvement saying, “The New Orleans region is experiencing tremendous economic growth, and Delgado Community College is working with business and industry partners like Turner Industries to prepare employees for jobs and careers that are aligned with regional needs. This cooperation benefits the students and their potential employers. Starting the educational experience while students are still enrolled in high school gives their careers a boost while helping meet the immediate needs of employers as rapidly as possible.”

Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.), built on that message, saying, “Workforce availability across many sectors continues to be a real challenge when recruiting businesses to the region. Hosting the Technical Skills Expo is a great first step to ensuring a robust workforce pipeline.”

The Technical Skills Expo is one of the many initiatives Turner Industries supports to assist students in their journey towards achieving a rewarding career through skilled industrial craft training.