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Turner Industries Readies for Growth with New Crane Investments

Turner Industries has added two new cranes to its fleet in anticipation of increased demand.

A 330 Ton Liebherr LR 1300 SX, manufactured and shipped from Austria, arrived at the Port of Galveston, Texas on January 15th. Fourteen trailers were needed to haul the disassembled crane to the Turner equipment yard in Baton Rouge, La. There, it was assembled, tested for quality standards and then dismantled and shipped to a waiting job site.  This crane, equipped with state-of-the-art wireless technology, has 322-feet of main boom and 371-feet luffing jib.

A Grove GMK 5165, manufactured in the United States and purchased locally, is a 165-ton hydraulic machine. It has 197-feet of full power boom and 105-feet luffing jib.

Mike Morain, Turner Industries executive vice president and general manager of the equipment division, discussed the invaluable benefits of the additions, saying, “These cranes have cutting-edge technology that improves the quality and efficiency of Turner Industries’ impressive fleet of equipment.”

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