Turnaround Group Doubles Down on Turnkey Solutions
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Turnaround Group Doubles Down on Turnkey Solutions

Shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages are a fact of life, and if you work in a plant, mill or refinery, you already knew that. What you may not know is that Turner Industries can provide the wide range of services needed for a successful event.

Turner Industries’ turnaround group has recently undergone a reorganization in order to maximize client satisfaction, offering all necessary turnaround services under one point of contact. The group, headed by Sr. Vice President Robert Chandler, who is also over Turner’s industrial maintenance division and specialty services, along with Operations Managers Web Desselle and Rodney Landry, has consolidated resources, offering complete turnkey turnaround services.

The new leadership is seasoned to say the least, having 85 years of heavy industrial experience among them.  The group intends to expand their business in 2017, building on last year’s success. “2016 was a great year for our group. We exceeded all production marks and surpassed our projected revenue by 25%,” said Robert. “With more than 50 years of experience in turnaround management and execution, $15 billion worth of turnaround work in the last 15 years and 12 million turnaround hours worked in just five years, you can count on us for positive results.”

“It was a natural progression for Turner to pull our specialty services, including specialized welding services into the turnaround group. Turner has the workforce, safety record and experience to handle any event,” adds Robert. Recently, all turnaround field managers underwent extensive training to ensure that all events will be executed seamlessly.

“ExxonMobil standards for safety, quality, and efficiency in the oil industry are extremely high. Turner employees on the ALKY turnaround have met and exceeded each and every one, in my opinion.  The safety record reflects Turner’s commitment by their supervisors, foremen and safety representatives to keep safety at the front of all aspects of work,” said Slade LeBlanc, ALKY West LPS Coordinator, ExxonMobil.