2017 GBRIA Workforce Development Awards
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2017 GBRIA Workforce Development Awards

Turner Industries Group and Turner Specialty Services once again received the Excellence Awards for their categories at the 2017 GBRIA Workforce Development (WFD) Awards. Additionally, Turner Specialty Services was awarded the “Best in Class” award for Division II medium sized contractors. Turner Industries Group has received the Excellence award for General Construction Division III every year since 2007. No other contractor has that distinction. Turner Specialty Services has received the Excellence award for specialty contractor for each of the years that we have applied since 2014.

Workforce development is a total company effort. In addition to the workforce development staff, almost everyone in the company does their part. Our staff maintains relationships with high schools, technical colleges, communities and training organization. They create an environment where craft training is accessible to all through ABC, technical colleges and grant programs. They assure an attainable path to craft certifications through internal processes, NCCER, NCCCO and other certifying organizations. Job sites assist by encouraging after-hours training at ABC and allowing employees to attend various training classes offered through grants during working hours. They provide excess consumables that can be used at our high school craft programs and allow employees to attend job fairs with the WFD staff. They send experienced craftspeople to assist in high school classes and provide subject matter experts to help develop NCCER curriculum and improve the content of the NCCER assessments.

Recruiters are also a key part of any successful WFD program. Those who attend training, do so to enhance their prospects toward a better career path and our recruiters assure that we finish successful training programs by finding the right spots for our graduates. They adeptly coordinate the open positions and available talent to find the best fit for both the company and individuals. The Information Technology department contributes by providing us the tools needed to run a successful program. CraftTrax, our proprietary online/real-time labor requisitioning system has been a game changer in our workforce development efforts. Our applicant tracking system, Applicant Pro, gives us access to a new generation of technically savvy millennials.

Most importantly, our company’s leadership allows us to find and create all the tools we need to be the most successful workforce development organization in industrial construction and maintenance.

Pictured are Turner Training Manager, Raymond Neck and GBRIA Contractor Workforce Development Committee Vice Chair, Ron Landry.