Pipeline Repositioning Project for Marathon Petroleum
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Pipeline Repositioning Project for Marathon Petroleum

Garyville, La. – After weeks of planning and preparation, Turner Industries performed a major pipeline repositioning job for Marathon Petroleum. Over the years—through expansion and routine operations—pipelines tend to shift from their original positions, making periodic corrections a necessity.

Historically, repositioning pipelines can be a costly and tedious endeavor. Traditional methods call for a complete shutdown of the line. This includes clearing and purging of product, prepping pipe for opening, cutting and dismantling into sections, and then repositioning the line in sections to be welded and/or flanged back together. However, through brainstorming and group discussions, the idea to lift the entire pipeline in one vertical lift and reposition it with one horizontal shift was born. The lift required a 24”, 1,400 feet long diesel line to be repositioned 12” back to its original coordinates. Marathon and Turner put together a team capable of shifting the pipeline in one piece by strategically placed cranes ranging from 50 – 80 tons capacity. The pipeline had several risers and bends and extended from the diesel tank, through the tank farm, across River Road and onto the river dock loading arm, making the lift quite complicated.

After performing weight and load calculations, Turner planners and supervision developed a lifting and shifting plan. On June 9th, Marathon operations and supervision, Turner’s crane and rigging group, tank crew, zone 6 maintenance team, and quality control, along with safety representatives from both parties, executed the task to perfection. The cost avoidance on a project like this has been estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Instead of two to three weeks of downtime, the shift was completed in only four hours. Areas around the project were minimally affected as no hot work permits had to be issued, possible environmental exposures were avoided and most importantly, potential safety hazards were eliminated.

“The leadership teams of Marathon and Turner are no doubt the best in the business, but the real superstars on a project like this are the men and women who safely executed the job, operating cranes and pulling wrenches,” said Richard Bercegeay, Turner supervisor.

“The relationship between Marathon and Turner is what drives this culture of camaraderie and teamwork. The support and trust from the Marathon employees, is the key to allowing our employees to share their experience and creativity, in performing unique tasks such as this one,” said Gary Truxillo, Turner project manager.


24” Diesel Line

1,400 Feet Long

9 Cranes – Raining from 50-80 Tons

60-70 Hours to Plan

4 Hours to Execute