Oyster Creek Turnaround
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Oyster Creek Turnaround

On March 16, 2020, Turner Industries began a scheduled turnaround at Olin – Oyster Creek in Freeport, Texas. This turnaround, on unit 5, is regularly performed every three years for cleaning and any necessary repairs. 

The scope of work included: furnace decokes, exchangers, valves, drums, blinds, removing of piping and other components for cleaning and repair, preparation for hydroblast cleaning, pulling of shop control valves and replacement of block valves. Work also included scaffolding, removal and installation of insulation, painting, work on pumps and motors, and E&I assistance. To complete the work, 37 employees worked two shifts for eight weeks. The work was completed on time and without incidents.

“The event was a success, and we experienced no problems during start-up. I would like to thank Olin for the opportunity to perform the event and our employees for a job well done,” said Turner Site Superintendent Larry (Ross) Whitworth.

Turnaround Quick Facts

Duration: 8 weeks

Workhours: 19,810

OSHA Recordables: Zero

Maintenance Foreman: Ron Wicker

Supervisor OCD Area: Jeff Nunley and Ricky Ramos

Site Superintendent: OCD and Plant A Olin: Ross Whitworth

SIPA Frontline Supervisors: Daniel Leija (Painting), Eduardo Martinez (Scaffolding)

This article was published in the Summer 2020 issue of Tuner Industries’ Company Magazine. Click here to read the complete issue.