Transporting & Delivering Two Loop Reactors for ExxonMobil’s PPG Expansion Project
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Transporting & Delivering Two Loop Reactors for ExxonMobil’s PPG Expansion Project

Smart Planning and Technology Makes for a Safe, Innovative Solution

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic making social-distance measures a new daily reality, Turner’s specialized transportation group was contracted to receive, transport and deliver two loop reactors for ExxonMobil’s PPG expansion project. The two reactors were to be shipped from a manufacturer in Italy and delivered to the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Fast forward to March, when both the shipping and delivery locations became pandemic hot spots, and the situation required a complete reevaluation of the original plan in order to safely execute the work. Taking advantage of all available company resources, the transport group collaborated with Turner Specialty Services’ drone group to meet the needs of our client while ensuring all employees had a safe work environment.

In mid-April, the loop reactors arrived from Italy and the plan was put into motion. As the reactors were transferred from their arrival boat to a barge, Turner UAV Pilot Jason Mabile deployed a drone from a safe distance. Using the drone’s camera, the transport team was able to oversee the operation and ensure the reactors were loaded and secured by the port’s personnel per the designed securement plans. While the drone was in flight, the pilot and project manager communicated via monitors, enabling adherence to social-distancing guidelines. “The team was able to watch and survey the entire operation from roughly 200 yards away from the ship without having to come in direct contact with a single individual. It was the perfect creative solution for our team. The job was completed safely and successfully,” said Project Manager Manager Jared Benoit.

Once secured, the reactors were then barged to Baton Rouge where they were received by our rigging crew, led by Seth Babineaux. For this stage of the project PPE took on a new look as precautions were taken to reduce exposure. Dedicated restrooms and sanitation stations were set up for the crew, protective gear such as masks and gloves were made readily available, and disinfecting solutions were applied to all chains and binders prior to handling. In one day, with the support of Turner on-site Structural and Rigging Supervisor Kris Kirkpatrick and Turner’s on-site construction team, both reactors were offloaded from the barge, transported to the PPG Project laydown yard, and staged without incident or exposure. Turner’s Senior Vice President of Equipment, Rigging and Specialized Transportation Jesse Morain summarized the project with a very personal note. “In recent months, we have all been reminded that work hazards are ever changing. Part of our job is to stay vigilant and proactively respond to those changes. The question was never ‘can we do this job.’ It was, ‘How will we do the job while safeguarding against this new safety hazard?’ The wellbeing of our employees is built into Turner’s DNA, and the current safety concern hit very close to home. Jared Benoit, the project manager for this job, has two young kids at home with immune deficiencies that place them in the high-risk category for the COVID-19 virus. Leveraging the depth of Turner’s innovative resources enabled him to safely perform his job in a hot spot of a viral pandemic and go home to his family with peace of mind.”

The Equipment Division is thankful that our clients have not stopped trusting our ability to safely perform services in their facilities. The new working conditions presented by COVID-19 and a passion for innovation have allowed us to showcase how Turner can truly provide “One Solution for Your Success” in the new normal.

This article was published in the Summer 2020 issue of Tuner Industries’ Company Magazine. Click here to read the complete issue.