2021 marked our 60th year of business. In the company’s earliest days when Bert had only a dedicated work crew and a few pieces of equipment to his name, the secret weapon for catapulting the company to be the industry leader it is today was Bert Turner’s innovative vision.

By combining an always-expanding list of client-driven solutions with a portfolio of proprietary technology, Bert created an unparalleled business advantage. Today, we pay homage to Bert’s endeavors and the legacy of industrial innovation that Turner employees continue to live by each day.

Below is a summary of our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report. This report illustrates some of the best examples of our corporate and social responsibility in the areas of: Safety, Community Investment, Workforce Development, and Sustainability.

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Turner Industries Chief Executive Officer
Stephen M. Toups
In 2021, Turner Industries continued its mission of providing first-class services and solutions safely to our clients. However, the year did not come without its challenges. The ongoing global pandemic and natural disasters—in the form of hurricanes, flooding, and historical freezes—were obstacles our employees had to face in addition to their day-to-day challenges. During these uncertain times what remained certain was our unwavering commitment to the safety of our employees, our client facilities, and everyone we work with.
Hours Worked
Recordable-Free Worksites
396 (92%)
Injury-Free Worksites
310 (72%)
Turner invests heavily in the time and resources necessary to attract and retain a quality workforce. By making major commitments to in-house innovations and partnership initiatives, we ensure the ability to provide our clients with the skilled craftspeople and management necessary for their success.

In 2021, our efforts reached a new high with the opening of our latest state-of-the-art hiring and training center built for the Houston, Texas area. This 33,093-square-foot state-of-the-art building will be a “one stop shop” for job candidates, allowing them to interview, complete medical testing and orientation as well as site specific safety and craft training—shortening the “time to field” from days to hours.
Peak Headcount
Visits to Recruiters
Visits to
Journeymen Craft Employees Tested by Turner
Journeymen Craft Employees Tested by Third Party (NCCER, NCCCO, Third Party Lab, Union)
Turner Industries provides turnkey services and solutions to the companies that produce the fuel, energy, and materials essential to modern life. Our clients continue to meet increasing global energy demand while reducing their carbon footprint, and we’re with them every step of the way.

This past fall we announced the creation of Turner Industries Energy Services, created to allow our portfolio of companies to pursue opportunities in the alternative and emerging energy sectors. Turner already has a history of successfully completed biodiesel, solar and carbon capture projects under its belt, and we look forward to playing a part in the world’s transition to a lower carbon energy future.
In 2021, Turner Industries invested millions back into our communities including our Gulf of Mexico Operations in New Iberia, Louisiana. This existing facility, located at the Port of Iberia, will bring economic enhancement and job opportunities to the area, on top of allowing us to better serve our clients.

TEAM Turner members across the country continued their efforts by supporting schools, hospitals, veterans, volunteering at community fundraising events, and helping families both during emergencies and the holidays with food and gift donations. Turner employees also pledged $1.73+ million to United Way organizations across the country.
Paid to Vendors
United Way Pledges
Secondary Education Donations
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