Our Disinfection Services are on-site and ready for you.

Currently the the COVID-19 virus is active and continues to spread — affecting our businesses and personal safety. With this in mind, it is still important to aggressively and frequently disinfect surfaces to minimize transmission. Once surfaces are touched by humans, they are potentially contaminated and under the circumstances require routine disinfecting.

We currently have cleaning and disinfecting crews successfully up and running at multiple sites across the Gulf South. Our team still has capacity to expand this service. If you’d like more info on the services or how to get started at your site, fill out the form information for a free site consultation.

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    Vapor Blasting Disinfectant

    This service is an efficient and cost-effective method to disinfect large square-footage areas. For example:

    • Turn-Stiles
    • Stairwells
    • Port-A-Johns
    • Lunch Tents
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Buses
    • Flooring
    • Heavy Traffic Areas
    • Maintenance / I&E Shops

    Atomizer / Fogger Disinfectant

    This service can be used to disinfect low-ventilated areas and is safe for the following:

    • Offices
    • Lunch Rooms
    • Control Rooms
    • Inside BRMs

    Power Breezer Disinfectant

    This service puts a layer of cleansing vapor over open areas with tables, equipment, racks, conveyors and other surfaces that are continually touched. Can be used for:

    • Lunch Rooms
    • Warehouses
    • Maintenance/I&E Shops