Alfreda Lundy, Former Legal Aide, Finds New Career

Alfreda Lundy, Former Legal Aide, Finds New Career

Meet Alfreda Lundy, a dedicated worker and fast learner. Alfreda began her career at Turner eight years ago as a turnaround laborer, more specifically doing hole-watch/fire-watch. After only two turnarounds, she was promoted to foreman.

The opportunities she has created for herself working at Turner day to day have made it possible for Alfreda to hold a number of different jobs within the company, from field worker to office manager to QC data tech. Each position has provided her a chance to learn new skills and continue to prove herself as an asset.

“Turner let me showcase all my skills, not only in the field but also in the office. Turner has given me many opportunities to learn and advance and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me next,” said Alfreda.

Interestingly, Alfreda hasn’t always been in this industry. Before moving south she had a very different career. Lundy is a certified legal secretary and used to work for the Attorney General in Virginia.

Alfreda’s favorite part about her job is being able to help people seeking employment find an opportunity to work and she encourages them to pursue a craft that interests them by attending ABC school to become skilled craft persons.

“Turner is a great company to work for. They care about their employees and if you let them know you want to move up in the company they will try to help you do that. My former supervisor encouraged me and gave me the confidence to advance. I like to think I can do the same for others.”

What has been your favorite moment working for Turner?
My most satisfying moment was when I was promoted to foreman. I was nervous and unsure but everyone supported me. I was proud that management saw abilities in me that I didn’t see.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy family time with my children, especially my grandson. Cooking for the whole family always warms my heart.