Anthony Bethly, A Leader in Training

Anthony Bethly, A Leader in Training

In his own words, Anthony Bethly moved up from Insulator to Site Safety Manager for Turner Industries to “make a difference.” Earlier in his career, a fellow employee was nearly injured on a job. Anthony decided that as a safety leader he could be in a position to proactively prevent accidents from happening, rather than trying to fix the aftermath when someone had already been hurt.

It is this spirit of resourcefulness that drives Turner’s Voice of Leadership training program. The program is a ten-week workshop involving in-depth, real life case studies which test and improve the leadership capabilities of our employees. Anthony, nominated to the program by his corporate Maintenance Manager, Barry Woods, says it outfits you with everything you need to go back to work able to recognize leadership opportunities. Besides improving writing, speaking, and problem solving skills, it offers a chance for employees from different jobsites to get to know each other. Turner’s goal is to create a network of support among motivated workers who want to make a difference in their fields.

“If I had a problem right now, I could call one of those guys,” Anthony says. “We became more than just classmates, we became a family.”

Employees must be nominated to the program. When a project manager observes employees who take initiative on the job, it’s a simple process to recommend them for the class. Returning to work after completing the program, Anthony had the tools he needed to be promoted from safety supervisor to site safety manager.

“There are two guys on my site whose names I want to put in,” Anthony says. “I see potential in them like someone saw potential in me.”