Luis Castillo, Dedicated In and On the Field

Luis Castillo, Dedicated In and On the Field

Luis Castillo works as a lead carpenter for Turner at Huntsman Chemical in Conroe, Texas. His journey with Turner began four years ago when he left his previous job as the inside sales manager for a fastening company. Since taking a job with Turner he has almost doubled his salary. “Turner has helped me get out of debt. It has provided a much better life for my family,” said Luis.

Born in Mexico, his whole life Luis wanted to be a professional soccer player like his father. His father played on the Atletico Potosino, a team in the Mexican First Division professional “football” league, and was a notable player in the 1986-1987 season. But today Luis says he is living the American Dream, working 8 hour days with good pay and close to home. The job allows him the opportunity to spend more time with his family and church. That leaves him more than satisfied. Although he says he feels privileged to work for Turner, Turner is happy to have him.

Although he is now a lead carpenter in the field rather than a middle forward on the field, Luis Castro has not left soccer behind. Coaching boys with the same love for soccer that he had as a child keeps his passion alive. He is the most sought after soccer coach in the community of Conroe, Texas. So many kids request his team that he has an extensive waiting list.

Luis felt that Turner would be the right fit for him for many reasons. The new job offered new challenges with an opportunity to grow, taking the ladder up one step at a time to meet Turner’s expectations. In 2011, he started out as a painter and scaffold helper. He then moved into a position as an insulator helper. In 2014, he moved into a carpenter helper job, and just a year later, he has promoted to lead carpenter.

What makes Turner different from other places you’ve worked?
All the training I received before stepping into the work site. It made me feel confident and most important, SAFE.

What advice would you give to people that aspire to work at Turner?
Be prepared for a ride of a lifetime. And always have safety on your mind. It can save your life or those around you.