Stacy Bennett, From Night School to Billing Supervisor

Stacy Bennett, From Night School to Billing Supervisor

Stacy Bennett has accomplished more in a couple of years than some people do in a decade. For example: graduating from college while holding a full time job and raising a daughter as a single mother. All of this accomplished at the same time she started working out and lost fifty pounds?

Stacy recalls listening to a seminar being given by Brian Daigle, vice president of pipe fabrication at Turner Industries’ Pasadena, Texas facility and knowing then that Turner was the right company for her. Brian’s enthusiasm and dedication for what Turner does inspired her. At the time, she had never worked in our industry and knew nothing about it.

That was seven years ago. Today Stacy holds the position of billing supervisor at the Pasadena, Texas pipe fabrication shop and is thriving in her position.

“For the first time in my life I love getting up and coming to work. I work with some of the best people.”

Stacy began as a billing clerk while pursuing a college degree in nursing at night. She was soon promoted to billing specialist. While still in school for nursing she realized she really enjoyed her day job. In fact, she enjoyed it so much she decided to change her major from nursing to accounting. In December of 2014, Stacy graduated with a degree in accounting and has since been promoted to billing supervisor.

One of Stacy’s favorite moments with Turner happened while she was a billing specialist and her boss asked her about her future plans. “The fact that my boss was interested in me and my future was amazing. I had already changed my major at this point and the fact that they truly cared about me and my advancement opportunities validated my decision.”

Stacy says that ever since her decision to change her major and pursue a career in accounting with Turner everything has fallen into place and she has never looked back.

“This company is a family business and they treat their employees with the same respect. Turner invests in their employees and believes in them. I don’t feel like I’m just a number. I feel like a valuable asset to the company. Hard work does not go unnoticed here and people are rewarded for their work.”

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