Innovation and Technology


The digital-first industrial contractor

A main focus at Turner today is digitizing the wealth of data generated by our employees and at our clients’ jobsites to make data-driven decisions that reduce costs, save time and improve safety metrics. Our ever evolving DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services portfolio offers a digital “toolbox” that can solve critical client productivity, reliability and safety issues. Here’s our portfolio and how it delivers solutions for every project we undertake.

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Consisting of a suite of proprietary software modules and related services, MobilOps is an independently operated, Turner Industries-backed company designed to manage clients’ process safety management (PSM) and regulatory compliance as well as improve reliability.

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Tablet Applications

This flagship project aims to reduce the administrative burden on Turner’s frontline supervisors by digitizing their work processes with the help of intrinsically safe tablets.

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Proprietary Productivity Software

Leveraging our decades of in-the-field experience, Turner Industries' in-house developers have created a variety of proprietary software tools that we use to maximize efficiency and productivity at client sites across the country.

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Rope Access Services

Our certified SPRAT (Society of Rope Access Technicians) technicians are capable of performing a variety of skilled crafts including pipefitting boilermaking, insulation, welding, and ironwork, as well as inspections and NDE—with the most advanced NDE equipment at their disposal.

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Our inspection group utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, to perform high-risk aerial inspections and nondestructive examination in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

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TRAM® Solutions

With TRAM® Solutions, TRAM® Software and TRAM® Services, Turner Industries has created a breakthrough proprietary process that identifies and quantifies cost risks associated with industrial projects & turnarounds.

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Industrial innovation since day one

For over half a century, Turner Industries has built, maintained and provided an ever-expanding selection of contract services to the heavy industrial sector. We leverage this experience and expertise to accomplish one goal—providing one solution for our clients’ success.


Technology starts to add up with the purchase of 'advanced desktop calculators.'


Turner's first mainframe, IBM System/360, nicknamed 'Big Bertha,' arrives.


Turner invests in a marvel of industrial machinery – a 300-ton crane from German manufacturer Demag. Turner executives favored the Demag cranes for their crawling and picking capabilities and road speed.


Turner revolutionizes the pipe fabrication business by replacing 1-1/2 diameter elbows with induction bends. The company’s pipe fabrication division sets itself as an industry leader by purchasing two Cojafex machines and by proving that bending pipe with heat or hydraulic pressure results in greater strength and reduces production time.


Turner develops Take, now WinTake®, an estimating tool to complete pipe takeoffs.


Awarded U.S. Senate Productivity Award for WinPCS®, our proprietary project tracking software.


Turner hires its first CIO and invests in the IBM AS400 B60, the largest box in Louisiana at the time.


WeldTracker® software created, providing quality control information for welding activity to track efficiency and progress.


Cell phones implemented across the company (Motorola StarTAC).


MAPS® arrives, a proprietary software addressing productivity issues in the field.


Turner acquires MobilOps™, a mobile enabled operator rounds and readings solution that syncs with dynamic policies and procedures.


Turner's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle group takes to the skies.


Turner Industries is honored with a 2019 Constructech Vision for Safety Award for Turner Tablet software, an innovative technology system that allows crews to digitally manage workflow in real time and operate in a smart, safe and efficient manner. The Constructech accolade is Turner’s sixth in a decade.

Building the future

We’re just scratching the surface of the benefits that artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D scanning and other new technologies can provide. Whatever the future holds, Turner Industries plans on being at the forefront of technology and client success.


Using the technology to create smart contracts and applications that seamlessly manage complex project data sets.

Augmented Reality

Putting relevant, real-time information at our frontline supervisors' fingertips and making remote training more accessible and engaging.


Creating 3D, interactive models of existing facilities to drive constructability assessments and gain planning efficiencies like never before.