What’s Happening at Dow Louisiana Operations

Turner Industries Grows Footprint

Plaquemine, LA – Turner’s “One Solution for Your Success” approach is evident at Dow Louisiana Operations (LAO) as we continue to grow our footprint with the most recent addition of a nested SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) group.

“After a successful scaffolding trial period, Turner’s SIPA group was brought onsite and asked to erect scaffolding in the heart of the facility. The requested work was estimated and designed on site using scaffold designer software to ensure weight restrictions on the stairwell would be maintained and work could begin in relatively short order. The group, led by General Foreman Colburne Lockett, maintains top-tier safety and quality,” said Turner Site Manager Howard E. Kelly.

Pictured is the CUI/RBI Scaffold crew and Client Scaffold Coordinator Julian Thomas

Up-and-Coming Leaders at Dow LAO

In addition to added services on site, Turner leaders at LAO are on the rise. Meet three of our employees who have recently “leveled up” at the site.


Colburne Lockett, LHC2/LHC3 SIPA General Foreman

Colburne joined the site a year ago as part of the SIPA Group’s scaffolding trial in LHC3. Colburne and his crew of fifteen maintained solid performance through the trial and, in part due to his leadership, have earned the opportunity to more than triple the size of our scaffolding footprint at LAO. Colburne has since been promoted to general foreman, and he and his crews continue to perform at a high level. 


Kevin Lillis, LHC2 General Foreman

Kevin came to the Dow LAO team as a boilermaker eight years ago. He excelled in his craft with particular expertise in furnace repair. He was later moved into a supervisor role where he continued to be a leader in safety and quality performance. Most recently, Kevin has been promoted to general foreman in our LHC2 unit where he continues to thrive and has added excellence in craftsmanship and leadership development to his growing list of abilities.


James Latino, LHC3 Foreman

James came to the Dow LAO team as a laborer seven years ago. His work ethic quickly afforded him the opportunity to become a part of the mechanical furnace team in the LHC3 unit where he earned the opportunity to be crew leadman. James continued to strive for top performance and earned the opportunity a year ago to level up. He currently serves as foreman in his unit and is a valuable member of the LHC3 team at LAO.

This article was featured in the Spring 2022 Turner Industries Company Magazine.

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