Turner Industries Answers the Call from One of the Largest Chemical Plants in the Country – Eastman Chemical Kingsport

Kingsport, TN – Eastman Chemical’s facility in Kingsport is the company’s flagship site and is also one of the largest chemical plants in the United States. In February, Turner Industries was given the opportunity to respond to an unplanned event at the facility. 

Turner was contracted by Eastman to provide support to their on-site maintenance team along with the cleanup of insulation materials following the rupture of a critical, high-pressure steam line in the facility. 

Turner Industries and Turner Specialty Services mobilized approximately 80 people within 48 hours of receiving the call from Eastman, providing abatement and mechanical maintenance services at the site.

The project was successfully completed on schedule, under budget, and recordable free.


Small Capital Projects Group
Crane & Rigging Group

Our relationship with Eastman is new and is hopefully growing into a strong partnership with Turner Industries. It was critical that we responded quickly and safely to the Kingsport site and our team was able to do just that. This is just another example of why our team at Turner is the best in the business.”

Caleb Lovell, Vice President of Eastern Region

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This article was featured in the Spring 2022 Turner Industries Company Magazine.

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