Marathon Catlettsburg 2021 Fall Turnaround

Catlettsburg, KY – Last year, Turner Industries (along with several other contractors) was tasked with providing a workforce for the 2021 Fall Turnaround at the Marathon Catlettsburg Refinery. Turner was asked to provide 460 employees, which was approximately 40% of the total workforce required for the event. 

At the time, COVID restrictions were still in place, an increase of new work was under construction, and there was a personnel shortage in the area, making staffing the event a unique challenge. 

After exploring all avenues of obtaining a local workforce, Marathon gave Turner Site Manager Kenneth Irwin the green light to locate workers from other areas and bring them on board. Kenneth contacted Caleb Lovell and Kyle Williams from Turner’s Decatur, Alabama office, who were able to quickly provide labor assistance and mobilize manpower from Turner’s Turnaround Services Group. 

“Within one week we were able to pull 24 boilermakers and supervisors from Alabama and Louisiana. We completed the Turnaround safely and on schedule because of our ability to utilize all our groups and services. It is an awesome feeling knowing we can meet our client’s needs even during exceptional times.”

Turner Site Manager Kenneth Irwin

Turner Industries Receives Inaugural Marathon Site Safety Award

Marathon has always encouraged contractor participation in their Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) program. To recognize the efforts put forth by active participants, Marathon’s Catlettsburg Refinery introduced a monthly BBS Audit Award based on the quality of safety observations from each contractor. 

The program was implemented in January of 2022 and Turner Industries was the first recipient of the award. The award was presented by Plant Manager Jay Richert during the monthly refinery leadership team meeting. The award will be presented each month and displayed in the lobby of the Marathon maintenance building.

“Marathon was an early adopter of behavior-based safety programs, as was Turner. Over the years we have aligned our efforts which has had an exponential positive effect on safety performance. We are proud to be the first contractor recipient of this award.”

Project Manager Gary Truxillo

This article was featured in the Spring 2022 Turner Industries Company Magazine.

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