Turner Industries Performs Turnaround Services at Two Dow Louisiana Sites

Turner Industries’ turnaround services group was very busy this spring, completing three turnarounds at two of Dow’s Louisiana facilities.

Turner’s turnaround services group and its specialized welding services group completed two hydrocarbon turnarounds at the Dow linear alpha olefin’s facility in Plaquemine. Both turnarounds had a 56-day window of executing all work. During the turnarounds, 35 Turner employees were recognized for their use of stop work authority on critical jobs with potential hazards. Potential hazards were mitigated, which resulted in both events being completed on schedule with zero safety incidents.

Turner’s turnaround services group also completed a 36-day turnaround at Dow’s St. Charles Operations (SCO) in Hahnville. With a start date of April 25, 2022, the turnaround was completed on time and under budget. Turner provided a workforce consisting of boilermakers, welders, pipefitters, laborers and hole/fire watchers. Turner also provided coordinators to Dow’s SCO turnaround group, which was recognized for performing an exceptional job.

Aromatics Turnaround

$ 0 Million Value

Hours Worked: 102,500
Peak Headcount: 220
Work Packages: 250
Welds: 1,341

LCH II Turnaround

$ 0 Million Value

Hours Worked: 89,400
Peak Headcount: 204
Work Packages: 182
Welds: 653

Dow’s St. Charles Operations

$ 0 Million Value

Hours Worked: 112,175
Peak Headcount: 325
Work Packages: 1,089
Welds: 517
Flange Mark-Ups: 4,600+

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