Turner Industries Starts Work on Vertex Energy Renewable Diesel Project

Turner Industries has been selected by Vertex Energy as the mechanical general contractor for their renewable diesel conversion project in Mobile, Alabama. This project is designed to modify an existing hydrocracker to produce renewable diesel fuel and is expected to conclude by the first quarter of 2023. Upon completion, the refinery expects to commence production of approximately 8,000 – 10,000 barrels per day (bpd) of renewable diesel, with production volumes anticipated to subsequently ramp up to approximately 14,000 bpd.

Renewable diesel is produced from organic waste and vegetable oils and is a sustainable, fungible replacement for petroleum-based diesel fuel. While California remains the primary market for domestically produced renewable diesel, given the economic benefits of its use under the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, other states are expected to follow suit, creating significant, incremental demand during the next decade. Once operable, the converted hydrocracking unit will be capable of processing a wide range of feedstocks.

Turner Industries will provide fabrication, mechanical, scaffold, paint, insulation, specialty services, and heavy haul and lifting. Pipe and structural steel fabrication will be done at Turner’s Port Allen and Decatur shops. Turner’s construction group will work alongside the nested maintenance and turnaround groups during the pre-turnaround and turnaround phases. There are currently 50 employees on site performing civil work. At its peak, Turner expects to have approximately 200 personnel on site.

“As the world looks for low carbon solutions, Vertex Energy is leading the way in energy transition with its Renewable Diesel Conversion Project. We are excited to be part of such a great team made up by Vertex, Worley, Hargrove, and Turner Industries.”

Turner Senior Vice President of Construction Carlos Guidry

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