Exchanger Crew Makes Job Safer, Faster, and More Reliable

Norco, LA – A couple of years ago, Shell and Turner Industries partnered to develop a proactive cleaning process for exchangers at Shell’s Norco site. Today the “Exchanger Crew” is a nested Turner crew created with the purpose of improving efficiency and production while also providing opportunities for exchanger equipment integrity inspections. 

“The Exchanger Crew started with routine planned exchangers but now are utilized and called on when the hard-to-do and high-profile work is needed. The crew has proven time and again that they deliver exceptional results. The positive attitudes, combined with quality work, makes it a pleasure to work with this team,” said Shell Refining West Production Specialist Lyle Bourgeois.

Before setting up the Exchanger Crew, it often took three weeks to move an exchanger through the maintenance process. By allowing a team to solely focus on this activity, the crew can identify common bottlenecks and optimize the workflow. This allows the site to maintain more exchangers for the same cost. The crew’s process is safer, faster, and more reliable. 

“There is a reason this crew is requested to execute critical work. The group leads the pack in safety, quality, and production here at the Norco site,” said Turner Maintenance Superintendent Dylan Lambert.

“Turner Frontline Leader John Sziber knows our site, knows how to motivate his crew and is committed to getting the job done safely,” said Bourgeois. “This is a fantastic example of a valued contractor partner that is part of our team approach to work.”

Lyle Bourgeois, Shell Refining West Production Specialist

Pictured are Foreman John Sziber, Timothy Sziber, Jamie Arceneaux, Joshua Locicero, Dustin King, Landon Granger, and Michael Trapen. 

This article was featured in the Spring 2022 Turner Industries Company Magazine.

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