Turner’s Fabrication Division Awarded Large Bending Project

Established in 1998, Turner Industries’ Paris, Texas, pipe fabrication facility sits on 300-plus acres and has an 8,000-spool-per-month capacity with six fabrication bays, which total 350,000 square feet. Turner’s Fabrication Division was recently awarded a $2.2 million order to supply bends for an Alaskan pipeline project, and the Paris facility is set to take on the work.

The project consists of 1,000 bends ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches in size with an extra heavy wall thickness in grade API5LX65 ERW of high-yield carbon steel. The bends will be performed by two Cojafex PB 16 machines and the PB 1400 machine.

The production bending is expected to start in November 2022 and be completed in the third quarter of 2023. The projected output of the pipeline is 80,000 barrels per day, with the first oil to be produced in 2026.