Noble Energy’s Alen Central Processing Platform (CPP) and the Well Head Platform (WHP), along with its living quarters, is now situated in approximately 240 feet of water in Block O off the coast of Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. It is capable of handling 440 million cubic feet of natural gas, as well as 40,000 barrels of condensate, per day.

Turner Industries installed the piping and hydro-test piping systems on the 17,000 short-ton Central Processing Platform at the J. Ray McDermott fabrication yard in Amelia, Louisiana. The original scope of work included 62,000 linear feet of pipe with an average 8” diameter, but soon grew to 95,000 linear feet of pipe. This included setting equipment and all pipe supports, as well as supplying manpower to install the piping on the 4,300 short-ton Well Head Platform, flare stack, the pipe bridge between the CPP and the WHP, and the living quarters.

Two months into the job, late deliveries coupled with critical deadline pressures, prompted Turner to increase staffing levels and work hours from five to six 10-hour days each week. Using Craft-Trax™, our proprietary workforce database software containing over 200,000 entries, Turner was able to readily increase from 100 to 250 craft workers and add an additional night shift in an extremely tight labor market. Soon after, the entire project went to seven days a week, ten hours a day for both day and night shifts and remained on that schedule until the project’s completion. The ability to find qualified employees through Turner’s Craft-Trax program was a significant key to the success of this project.

The project was well underway when Hurricane Issac developed and moved through the Gulf of Mexico. Not taking any chances, the management team began securing the job site. Over three days, all scaffold boards were removed, loose materials were picked up and stored, and immobile items were fastened. After reaching landfall, the eye of Hurricane Issac passed directly over the McDermott fabrication yard. As a result of Turner’s thorough hurricane preparation, the platform sustained no damage during the storm.

Turner employees worked over 318,000 hours in a heavily congested and difficult work environment to finish the job on schedule, with ZERO OSHA recordables.