Robotics and Drones



Turner’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) GroupUtilizes UAVs, commonly known as drones, to perform high-risk aerial inspections and non-destructive examination in a safe, time-efficient manner.



Confined Space Inspection Capabilities

Drone Capabilities

The Mirage hydrocarbon optical gas imaging camera has been deployed on our DJI Matrice 600 Drone. The Mirage OGI can detect 20 hydrocarbon gases (Benzene, Ethanol, Ethlbenzene, Heptane, Hexane, Isoprene, Toluene, Methanol, MEK, Pentane, Xylene, Butane, Ethane, Methane, Propane, Ethylene, Propylene, MIBK, Octane, 1-Pentene). Mounting it on a drone allows users to quickly pinpoint failures and give a clear vision of the leaking gas from a safe distance.


Turner Industries Senior Advanced Service Technician Kevinn Morgan operates a robot to test a pipe at Turner Industries 415 Modular yard in Port Allen, LA. The IPEK Rovver or remote operated video vehicle enhanced receiver is a portable and versatile robotic 6-wheel drive crawler used for industrial applications including internal tank, vessel and pipe inspections. Turner Industriesí Inspection and Non-Destructive Examination group is an industry leader in providing high quality inspection and testing utilizing a diverse lineup of robots. The group employs over 500 full-time engineers, technicians and certified inspectors.

In addition to our fleet of state-of-the-art drones, we also utilize robotic crawlers, capable of performing both internal and external NDE inspections with remote visual inspection and ultrasonic thickness capabilities. These services not only provide significant cost savings but also improve quality and safety.

Making Sense of Inspections

  • Optical Gas Imaging – Delivers the optimum solution for the detection of Methane and other Hydrocarbon gases.

  • Automated Ultrasonics (AUT) – Used for remote automated corrosion mapping (A, B, & C Scans) and for laser guided remote encoded phased array & TOFD weld inspections.

  • Touch Point Corrosion – Used to detect and quantify corrosion in inaccessible areas such as behind pipe supports, under pipe clamps, under vessel supports, and tank floor critical zones while in service.

Our Robotic Fleet Includes

  • The GE BIKE robot is a reliable robotic solution that improves safety, productivity, and quality. The robot can climb vertical walls, follow circumferential paths inside pipe structures and can also pass over complex combinations of convex and concave step obstacles (locomotion concept) such as stiffener rings (90-degree corners). It has two navigational cameras and provides remote visual inspection. The Bike can also take ultrasonic thickness readings during its deployment. The Bike brings significant cost savings, improved quality and improves safety by reducing CFE’s (Confined Space Entries).

  • The Inuktun Versatrax 100 is a modular robust robot crawler that provides an all- in- one system for internal remote visual inspections on small and medium sized pipes including water and sewer lines, tanks, vessels, and most confined space configurations. It can also be used as a standalone drop camera when attached directly to the tether cable for remote visual inspection. Its modular design allows you to scale up as the inspection needs evolve.

  • The Rover 125 is a nimble robot crawler with multiple remote-inspection capabilities. Its small size allows for confined space inspections of various sized piping. The Rover 125 is comprised of a tether cable up to 650’, PTZ Camera, 40x zoom, rear camera with LED lights, and steerable 6-wheel drive.

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