SASOL | LIP - Play of the Week

With a kickoff date of October 11, the 2021 Ethylene Turnaround at the Sasol Lake Charles Chemical Complex in Westlake, Louisiana is a fifty-day event to perform maintenance, repairs, and capital projects.

As the general contractor, in addition to the 700 maintenance employees on site, Turner Industries will be bringing in 715 additional personnel from our turnaround services group, the SIPA group (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement), Turner Specialty Services, and the crane and rigging group.

Each day, we will be posting a “Play of the Day,” to recognize individuals or groups who make significant contributions to the event.

Work Smart. Win Big. Turner Industries.


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) Devin Lemoine, Taylor Cryer, Brantley McKeown , Logan Landry, James Garza

Submitted by Kyle Jackson

The play of the day goes to the Turner QC team. The quality process is pivotal in the success of a turnaround as the controlled steps put in place help to avoid problems and mistakes.  This team has positively affected this turnaround outage and assisted the client from start to system turnover, adhering to the process in place and taking no shortcuts. We value all those that are a part of the QC team and their dedication to the craft.

“These guys hustled! From the very first week, they were punching jobs. The job they have done is a direct reflection of the quality of work that everyone out in the field are putting in.” -Turner QC Manager, Matt Walker


Play of the Day

Employees: Jaren Dear, Ethylene Shift Supervisor & Chris Kibodeaux, Lead Ethylene Flare Coordinator

Submitted by Trent Trahan

The Ethylene T/A reached a Turnaround Commissioning milestone by lighting the Ethylene elevated Flare, 11/21/21.

This milestone allows for the rest of the steam plant to be brought into service as well as the inventory of the unit with hydrocarbons with the ability to vent streams. 

Shown lighting his system is Chris Kibodeaux, Ethylene Lead Flare Coordinator. A major scope of work in the flare system includes the successful implementation of the regulatory flare EMACT project.


Play of the Day

Employees: (L-R) Matt Marcantel and Jeff Long

Submitted by Ivan Fruge and Jeff Shelton

This play of the day goes out to Jeff Long and Matt Marcantel. These two gentlemen are the Sasol Turnaround Superintendents for this event. Jeff has been with the planning team from the early stages back in April and helped guide the team through planning, preparation and now execution. His main area for this event has been the instrumentation and electrical scope however he’s also been integral in driving action on MOV’s and PSV’s and helping block and tackle for the whole execution organization.

Matt joined the TA team about a month before start of execution and immediately jumped in and began taking the lead on mechanical scope. He’s supported his team of coordinators to ensure mechanical scope is executed on time and in a quality manner. Thanks both for your hard work and dedication to this event.

“These two guys took the brunt of the execution responsibility. They rose above and beyond my expectations. They each had their share of obstacles and issues on a daily basis and each day overcame them. Couldn’t ask for a better team of front line supervision.”  – Jeff Shelton, Ethylene Turnaround Manager


Play of the Day


Top (L-R): Jules Menou, Rodney Ringuet

Middle (L-R): Jeff Molbert , Billy Fast

Bottom (L-R): Billy Dawson, Jason Papillion

Submitted by Trent Trahan and Jarret Iguess

This play of the day goes to our turnaround retirees. The TAR & Ops Team has relied on the expertise of several key individuals that have shared their knowledge of the Ethylene / Steam unit in order to make this event a success.

The Team would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our retirees for their dedication and support.


Play of the Day

Employee: Michael Williams

Submitted by Danny Chaisson

This play of the day goes out to Michael Williams. Michael is a boilermaker with Turner and has worked turnarounds with the company over the past three years. During the current outage, his peers have stated that he has been one of the most upbeat, joyous, and positive people to be around.

Michael says he appreciates most the individuals he has gotten the chance to work with at Turner, and he values the company’s attention to safety. We value Michael’s bright personality and what he contributes to the job site every day.


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) Remington Thompson and Dillon Cox

Submitted by John Watkins

This play of the day goes to Remington Thompson and Dylan Cox. They are laborers with Turner, responsible for water delivery, garbage collection, and sanitation around the site. During the turnaround, these gentlemen have been helpful in contributing to a clean environment on the grounds, as well as keeping turnstile locations sanitized. Remy and Dillon are Sulphur, LA natives and have been a part of Turner for just over 5 months, post high school.


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) Turner Pipe Fabrication: Clint Benoit, Aaron Rogers, Cody Clark, Eric Gobert, Jamie Perkins, Isaiah Golden, Richard Spong Jr. Gary Wingate, Patrick Theriot (Sasol), Kirby Reeves, Jeremy Boudreaux, Austin Lee, Preston Jourdan

(Pictured L-R) TSG Piping and Valves: Taylor Cryer, Emmanuel Hossieni, John Ferguson, Mario Quintanar, Lawrence Harvey, Reginald Jackson

Submitted by Carson Chiasson

This play of the day goes to Turner’s pipe fabrication shop and piping installation crews for their phenomenal work on the EMACT job scope during the turnaround. The on-site maintenance fabrication team met the challenge of completing the large-scale pipe fabrication of varying dimensions within an accelerated timeframe. All the components were to specifications and the piping and valve installation team successfully installed all components on schedule with no incidents. It takes a complete team effort to rise to the occasion with the fast-paced environment that a turnaround brings. The work that each of these crews did was nothing short of impressive.


Play of the Day

Employees: Cal Breeden

Submitted by Zack Saucier

This play of the day goes to Cal Breeden. As an FCO Coordinator for the turnaround, he is responsible for ensuring that change orders are executed in a timely fashion. Throughout the course of the ethylene turnaround, Cal along with others has played a pivotal role in making sure that progress in the field is not idle while executing the change order process. Cal stated: My primary objective is to support the efforts in the field to ensure a successful turnaround. We appreciate Cal’s commitment and diligence during the turnaround.


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) Britt Fontenot and Tim Kyle

Submitted by John Watkins

The Play of the day goes to U.S. Navy Veterans Britt Fontenot and Tim Kyle. Britt served six years in the United States Navy as a Gunner’s Mate from 1967-1973 in both the Vietnam War and the Cold War. During his time as a sailor, Britt was aboard four ships-the USS Topeka, USS John King, USS Fiske, and the USS Farragut. Britt came to Turner in 2017 after over 27 yrs. at Sasol.

Tim Kyle, served in Operation Desert Storm as an Aviation Ordnanceman aboard the USS Independence from 1987-1990. Tim joined Turner in 1992 and is approaching his 30 year anniversary with the company. Both Britt and Tim stated that they love the people at Turner. We proudly acknowledge both of these gentleman and the countless others that have proudly served our country with honor, courage, and dedication in the U.S. Military.


Play of the Day

Employee: Dudley Roy

Submitted by Carson Chaisson

This play of the day goes to Turnaround Superintendent, Dudley Roy. Dudley is known colloquially as “The Godfather” around Turner, a nod to his wealth of knowledge and tenure of 44 years. Dudley began his career at Turner with the former subsidiary company, Harmony Construction, that served as the maintenance contractor at Citgo’s Lake Charles Refinery, spending 27 years at the site. In 2012, he came to the current Sasol site, to plan the LAB Turnaround and has been here since. Throughout the years Dudley has been a part of too many turnarounds to count, he said that he’s most enjoyed all of the people he’s had the opportunity to work with.

A native and current resident of Iota, La, Dudley embodies the qualities of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. We appreciate everything that Dudley continues to contribute to Turner and the current Ethylene turnaround.


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) Randel “Rambo” Reeves and Zack Saucier

Submitted by Carson Chaisson

The play of the day goes to Randel Reeves and Zack Saucier. Randel is the onsite project controls/accounting supervisor and Zack is a project controls assistant. Both of these gentleman have worked diligently at creating and utilizing in-depth reporting structures that have aided the client in managing a wide variety of metrics related to safety, cost, efficiency, and performance during the ethylene turnaround. Providing well-organized , informative reports allows the client to reduce downtime, minimize cost, and achieve operational success.

Randel has been with Turner for over 5 years and Zack just over 4, having joined Turner during the Sasol LCCP Mega Project.

Randel: “I enjoy working at Turner because the company has shown a true commitment to pursuing  new ideas and processes that continue to innovate the industry.”

Zack: “Turner is a vastly diverse organization where I’ve found that I can learn something new daily as I continue to grow with the organization.”


Play of the Day

Employees: Will Walker and Crew

Submitted by Kyle Jackson

While pulling blinds, the crew found a knockout spool on top of the D7-906, between the drum and the valve, that had cracking through the pipe wall. After inspections were completed, a change order was entered to replace the spool. This was a great job of awareness by this crew to identify issues that could later cause problems.


Play of the Day

Employee: Stan Baggett, Bobbie Holland

Submitted by Carson Chiasson

The play of the day goes to the Turner bus drivers during the ethylene outage. The drivers are responsible for transporting hundreds of employees, day and night, to and from their designated work areas around the job site in a timely manner. Having centralized transportation improves traffic flow around the job site and pedestrian safety. We appreciate the dedication these drivers have maintained throughout the turnaround.


Play of the Day

Employee: Lindsey Leeper

Submitted by Kyle Jackson

Lindsey used stop work authority to stop a job and reassess the work area due to asbestos insulation that was open in the area. It was identified and the abaters were able to secure and remove the insulation form the area to create a safe work area. We appreciate Lindsey doing a great job of keeping those in the work area out of harms way. 


Play of the Day

Employee: Theresa Drouant

Submitted by John Watkins

The play of the day goes to Theresa Drouant. She is a VIM Specialist and has worked for Turner and at the site for three years. Theresa went above and beyond to help the turnaround kitting team salvage their computer system after it experienced a crash. The kitting computer contains all of the information for material handling, field job packages, field material requisitions, as well as other pertinent information that is sent to and from the unit. Theresa effectively communicated the issues that the kitting team was experiencing to I.T. and persisted until a resolution was reached. We appreciate Theresa’s dedication to Turner, Sasol, and the Ethylene turnaround.


Play of the Day

Employees: (L-R) Crystal Lanting, Shyla Mayo, Shaquetta Adger, Lanee’ Washington, Malaide Horn, Barbara Praylor

Submitted by Toni Barron

The wonderful ladies pictured comprise the janitorial services team. They are responsible for the upkeep of the modular office trailers onsite for the turnaround. Given the increase in personnel and the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining a clean environment is paramount to the health and safety of others. Additionally, clean environments are known to help staff be more productive. Each one of these ladies are kind and happy to be a part of the culture at Turner. We appreciate them and their continued hard work during the turnaround.


Play of the Day

Employee: Lester Jones

Submitted by Mike Sandrock

While chipping away at concrete, employee Lester Jones noticed a fellow worker becoming unsteady and falling backwards. He was able to catch his coworker before he fell to the ground and also secured his tool. Lester registered that his coworker seemed to be having a seizure, and he turned the coworker to their side to help clear their airway before calling safety for additional support.

Lester has worked in various capacities at Turner for over 20 years, including eight at the current site location. He says that he enjoys the people and atmosphere that Turner provides. We appreciate Lester’s quick thinking and compassion in this heroic act.


Play of the Day

Employees: Top Photo (Pictured L-R) Angel Ledesma, Marvin “Moe” Guillory, Rolando Aguilar, Sean Fleming

Bottom photo (Pictured L-R) Henry Winslow, Rollin “Road Dawg” Thomas, David Rivera, Keith Cheney

Submitted by Don Turner

This play of the day goes to the safety team associated with this turnaround. Turnarounds introduce a different dynamic at the worksite, especially in terms of safety. The ethylene outage, as with any turnaround, has increased manpower, increased vehicle traffic, increased crane activity, etc. which all present unique challenges to safety.

Maintaining safety culture and performance is extremely important and the team pictured have done an exceptional job, making a point to be visible in the field all day and night, ensuring that our employees go home safe after each shift. 


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) James Teel, Tyler Prados, Brad Courville, Randall Landry, Trey Scarabin, Dillon Kinney, John Hallis, Evan Landry Jason Sibley, Melvin Sibley Jr., Chris Landry, Brian Fontenot, Bobby Courville

Submitted by Bobby Courville

Pictured are team members from Turner’s crane and rigging group along with the capital team associated with making the lift to replace the W7-203 Caustic Tower. This arduous task was completed on time and without any incidents. It takes a complete team effort—from the crane operator to the riggers—in order to successfully complete these enormous lifts. This team will complete additional lifts for the D7-503 and 504 drum replacements.


Play of the Day

Employees: (Pictured L-R) Back Row: Daniel Hutto, Frankie Ravia, Ljean Promise, Blake Lebouef, Matthew Trahan, Justin Ravia, Charkita Neal, Devon Garcia. Front Row:  Cody Predium, Dane Hebert

Submitted by Dudley Roy

As part of this turnaround the team began a job scope on the facility’s D7-943 drum, including six shifts to build containment, sandblast, and coat the drum. During this job scope, seven compressors and two pressure washers being used for the job went down. With only one blasting rig readily available to the team, the job was still completed safely and on schedule.  

This painting crew showed perseverance and a positive attitude through the various obstacles they were faced with, and we are grateful to have them on our team.


Play of the Day

Employees: Sasol Operations Team (Pictured L-R) Lindsay Courville, Tara Louvier, Josh Fontenot, Trent Duplechain, Justin Chesson, Chris Kibodeaux, Chase LaFargue

Submitted by Carson Chaisson

We would like to highlight members of the Sasol Operations Team. During the outage, this team is responsible for approving all work permits. Sasol Operations is doing an excellent job to make this turnaround a success — including keeping up their schedule and helping to ensure all employees onsite are safe. Together Everyone Achieves More!


Play of the Day

Employee: Selwyn “Fat Cat” Joubert

Submitted by Kirt Chaisson

Selwyn Joubert, or “Fat Cat” as he has been known since the 8th grade, is the laydown yard supervisor for Turner’s scaffolding group. During the Ethylene outage, Fat Cat has been applauded by many for maintaining an impeccably clean and organized scaffold yard. Maintaining a clean and workable landscape provide coworkers the ability to quickly locate materials needed to construct safe and workable scaffolds around the unit. Throughout his 20 years of service with Turner, Fat Cat said that he has most enjoyed the “feeling of being a part of a family, not just being an employee number.” We appreciate Selwyn’s service to Turner and the pride he puts into his work.


Play of the Day

Employees: (pictured L to R) Mike Aguilar and Hunter Cooper

Submitted by Kyle Jackson

We would like to recognize two of our unsung heroes of the turnaround. Mike and Hunter are both forklift drivers that work non-stop everyday delivering materials safely and efficiently while keeping the unit clean.  Every component within a turnaround is critical to progress. We appreciate the tremendous job these gentleman are doing.


Play of the Day

Employees: (pictured L to R) Baldo Aguillon and Alvaro Sanchez

Submitted by Matt Walker

“While preparing for a job scope and reviewing DWGs, Alvaro Sanchez noticed the weld stamp on the drawing called out to use ER70s-2 tig wire, a carbon steel filler metal. Aware that his fabrication was stainless steel, Alvaro called Baldo Aguillon, his QC, to verify his find. A correction was made on all work packages to utilize the correct filler metal and the job progressed forward. This is a great display of the awareness and communication happening in the field. We appreciate Alvaro and Baldo!”


Play of the Day

Employees: (pictured L to R) Jeremy Savage, Emilson Rodriguez, Zack Phillips, J.J. Kimble, Gerald Brown, James Alfred, Quincy Adams

Submitted by Zack Saucier

Pictured is the Material Expediter team for the Ethylene turnaround. The employees in this team play a vital role making sure the field has all of the necessary items to complete the planned job scopes in an efficient manner. They are responsible for organizing 13,343 line items of material into 774 bag and tagged packages for the turnaround — with a vast majority of the material arriving 10 days before bringing down the unit. “Andy Kennedy (not pictured), J.J. Kimble, and the entire material coordinating and expediting team have done a phenomenal job making sure the right materials are being delivered to the field without impeding progress.”


Play of the Day

Employees: Josh Barrow (L), Jarret Iguess (R)

Submitted by Kash McMahon

“Josh Barrow and his crew were working to pull and replace an eight inch fuel gas valve. Upon checking isolation it was noticed that there was high lel readings. His crew used Stop Work Authority to stop the job and re assess the hazards. PPE and requirements were increased and brass tools were brought out to mitigate potential hazards. Jaret Iguess with Operations worked hand-in-hand with the crews to create a safe work environment.”


Play of the Day

Employees: Paco Carrasco and Fermin Mendoza IV

Submitted by Joel Williams, General Forman

“During a routine safety audit of the Ethylene Unit, Pipefitters Paco Carrasco and Fermin Mendoza IV, knowledgably answered questions relating to their job area, duties, and qualifications. Knowledgeable employees minimize the risk of unsafe behaviors and inefficient work. We appreciate these gentleman.”

Pictured left to right: Paco Carrasco, Joel Williams, and Fermin Mendoza IV


Play of the Day

Employee: Ryan Gilbert

Submitted by Pat Sullivan

“As a Helper 1, Ryan consistently leads his crew in all housekeeping efforts. In addition to his leadership, he displays an excellent attitude that uplifts others. We appreciate Ryan for ensuring that a safe work environment is being maintained throughout the Ethylene Outage.”


Play of the Day

Employees: (pictured L to R) Eileen Lamendola, Bobbie Perez, Mary Ann Scogin, Stepfanie Whitten, Bobbie Sammis, Erica Ware, Pamela Williams

Submitted by Kash McMahon

“Everyone on site would consider this group one of the most important because they keep everyone compensated—our timekeepers! As the workforce grows during the turnaround, they have the critical job of maintaining all employees’ time and production records and reviewing time sheets, work charts, and time cards for completeness. We truly appreciate their daily commitment during this project.”


Play of the Day

Employee: Terry Windham

Submitted by Kyle Jackson

“Terry utilized Stop Work Authority while on the Compressor Deck to verify steam isolation, as he sensed the line was still hot. It was determined that the steam line was not isolated. Operations resumed once the steam line was completely isolated and safe to do so. This was a great job by Terry using Stop Work and keeping everyone safe.”


Play of the Day

Employee: Amber Donnes

Submitted by Kash McMahon

Amber is a manpower coordinator at Turner Industries. She will maintain various phases of staffing during this turnaround. This includes communicating with superintendents and potential employees to arrange safety training, employee orientation, and all other applicable tasks for new hires until they arrive on-site. By the time this turnaround is completed, Amber will coordinate over 700 employees! The team appreciates her hard work and dedication.


Play of the Day

Employee: Chris Moore

Submitted by Kyle Jackson

“Chris Moore and his crew identified a blinding spot that did not have a way to check for zero energy / liquids due to location on the vessel. They stopped the job and got with operations to revise the plan to adhere to their (TSG) Line Equipment Opening Policy. Operations and the crew were very receptive of the change and handled the issue well.”


Play of the Day

Employee: Michael Carter

Submitted by Kirt Chaisson, Vice President – Maintenance & Turnarounds

Today we celebrate Michael Carter. Michael is a scheduler at Turner Industries and is celebrating 35 years of service this month.

Pictured left to right: Michael Carter and Kirt Chaisson


Play of the Day

Employee: Allen Lambright

Submitted by Matt Walker, QC Manager

“An IFC drawing was issued with the service stating hydrocarbon. As the General Foreman walked out his job, he discovered it to be a hydrogen line. He realized that the repair plan was missing a vital step and contacted the QC Manager for the correction.”

This was a great job by the employee of following his processes prior to the start of the job. In finding this step he created a quality improvement, and kept everyone safe by bringing attention prior to beginning the job