Turner Industries Integrated Solutions Group creates mobile process safety software solutions using MobilOps™ to manage procedures, process limits and rounds. MobilOps™ is for use in industrial facilities, enabling field operators to spot defects and immediately initiate corrective actions in the field.

By assisting in the capture, development, re-engineering, clean-up, and standardization of the clients’ processes, our tools provide users with more effective field data and increase the efficiency of the work site. This activity helps to prevent or mitigate process upsets.

The Integrated Solutions Group and MobilOps™ are a part of our DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services. Using our DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services developed in-house, we achieve documented cost savings solutions for our clients.

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MobilOps™ – A Mobile Software Solution

MobilOps™ aggregates important Process Safety Information using a web-based, integrated system providing these key areas of application:

  • Management of all rounds and readings
  • Management of all “Standard Operating (and other) Procedures
  • Management of all “Safe Operating Conditions (SOCs)” including equipment- based process variables, not-to-exceed limits, consequences of deviation and Corrective Actions.
  • Connection to Customer Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for elimination of duplicate work orders and quick work order entry in the field.

The MobilOps™ System:

  • Improves Uptime
  • Increases Safety
  • Decreases Costs
  • Increases Operator and Technician Efficiency
  • Supports OSHA Standards for Process Safety Information Management

Better Procedure Management
MobilOps™ provides an easier way to build procedures and manage them on a daily basis. It serves as an integrated system used by companies to deploy operational procedures and standard operating condition data at the point of need. MobilOps™ is designed as a web-based application with both desktop and handheld (PDA) components. Our design takes advantage of Microsoft’s .NET platform. Here are some key points:

Formatting: MobilOps™ manages headers, footers, indentions, all numbering, consistency of Warnings and Cautions, sign-off lines, placement of key limits and corrective actions and much more. This greatly reduces time and effort in the creation of procedures, sometimes by as much as 50%.

Re-Usable Content: Key elements of procedures have a tendency to remain constant between jobsites. Putting these constants into MobilOps “Library Content” section allows quick re-use. A single change to a Library item will automatically change all occurrences in all affected procedures, with history and revision tracking.

Revision Tracking and User Sign-Off: MobilOps™ provides complete change management functionality to allow for routing, comment capture and revision history for the life of any procedure. When a procedure is published as a new revision, MobilOps™ notifies all affected workers and collect sign-offs for audit tracking.

Safe Operating Conditions (SOCs)
SOCs (or limits) are fundamental to any plant chemistry. MobilOps™ provides a complete database management structure for these key variables. SOCs are easily managed within MobilOps. One change to critical limits will cascade to all affected procedures with a single change. An SOC Dashboard provides one click access to critical process advice.

  • Easy to get started
  • Easy on Client resources
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to scale
  • Easy to attain quick benefit and payback
  • Pilot programs are available

Rounds, Readings, Checklists
MobilOps™ provides complete management of virtually any type of in-field data gathering needs.
Operator rounds, inspections, safety reviews, walk-downs – all types of field-based activities can be set up and executed within MobilOps™. We support a number of handheld and tablet PC devices in either wireless or cradled mode, which provides workers with accurate, readily accessible information.

By gathering and storing this information in Turner Industries’ database driven tools, clients can track trends in work patterns and equipment reliability issues, which allows effectiveness in staffing and cost effectiveness in predictive maintenance.

Defect Elimination
MobilOps™ supports the use of in-field identification methods, including barcoding and the use of passive RFID tags (C1D2 for highly hazardous areas). A tag is placed on the equipment, then synchronized with equipment numbers and a “blip” of the tag presents equipment-specific information, such as: Limits, Corrective Actions, procedures and open work orders.

Through integration with the Client’s CMMS, MobilOps™ can be used to initiate work requests/notifications from the field, greatly reducing time and effort, while increasing accuracy and accelerating the break/fix teams.

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To order, download, license and obtain any of the above MobilOps™ software, please contact us via email or by calling 800-288-6503. Each order, license or download will require the licensee to enter into an agreement or agreements with terms and conditions. To set up a demonstration for any of the above MobilOps™ software and applications, please contact us via email or by calling 800-288-6503.