Acid Tar Fluidization

Utilizes a patent pending technology for fluidizing acid tars and removal for incineration. Process conducted in conjunction with Rhodia’s technology for regeneration of valuable raw materials.

Asbestos/Lead Abatement

Appropriately trained personnel utilized to remove asbestos containing materials and containerize for disposal. Lead containing coatings are sandblasted and appropriately contained for disposal

Beneficial Reuse

Utilization of proven technologies to assist clients in the management of by-products (i.e., biosolids, lime, wood ash, short wood fiber, etc.) to render a material suitable for utilization in agricultural and road base applications.

Civil Remediation

Excavation – Direct mechanical removal of contaminated soils and transfer to disposal facility

Closure – Removal or stabilization of contaminated materials to meet regulatory requirements and placement of impermeable cap and topsoil suitable for supporting vegetative growth


Capable of providing the necessary equipment and manpower to effectively decontaminate facility equipment and structures and/or remove materials and equipment for appropriate disposition. Operators are experienced in the operation of various size hydraulic breakers and shears.


Capable of removing suspended sediments at rates from 500 gpm to 4,000 gpm. Dredge systems consist of hydraulically operated horizontal augers to dislodge and consolidate sludge/sediments.


Providing cost effective, quality services to our clients begins with utilization of well-maintained company-owned equipment. Diversity in types of equipment enables Turner Specialty Services to service our customers’ needs in a variety of applications:

Recessed Chamber Plate and Frame Filter Presses
Belt Filter Presses
Horizontal Auger Dredges
Auger Dredge
Screw Presses
High Pressure Fast Fill Pumps
Shaker Screens

24,000 lb Wide Pad Dozers
40,000 lb Wide Pad Dozers
48,000 lb Tracked Excavators
56,000 lb Tracked Excavators
75,000 lb Tracked Excavators
Long Reach Tracked Excavators
Motor Graders
Roller Compacters
Wheel Loaders

Landfill Construction and Management

Installation of compacted clay and/or geosynthetic liners complete with leachate collection system. Can provide management of existing landfills by spreading and covering waste as needed.


Utilize various reagents to stabilize contaminants and render material suitable for transportation and disposal. Can be used during impoundment closures for material to remain in place.

Total Tank Solution

Utilization of pumps, robotics, vacuum trucks and/or mechanical equipment to remove tank solids. Solids may be dewatered to reduce the volume or direct loaded for disposal. Final cleaning may involve hydroblasting in preparation for inspection and repairs.

Waste Volume Reduction/Dewatering

Recessed Chamber Plate and Frame Filter Press – Used to reduce the overall volume of sludge for disposal by reducing the amount of water entrained in the material. This process is conducted on a batch basis. We utilize mobile presses with capacities of 100 cubic feet.

Belt Filter Press/Centrifuge – Used to reduce the volume on a continuous basis. Can be equipped with thickeners to enhance the production.

Screw Press – Utilized in the pulp and paper industry to effectively dewater solids.

Water Treatment

Experienced personnel have the capability to construct and install wastewater treatment systems to accommodate a variety of waste streams. Appropriate treatability studies can be conducted to determine the chemical treatment requirement and ensure equipment is sized correctly.