Turner Tablet Applications

The “Turner Tablet” is one of Turner Industries’ flagship innovation projects. It aims to reduce the administrative burden on frontline supervision by digitizing their work processes using intrinsically safe tablets. Taking traditional paper-based tasks such as JSAs, Safety Audit forms, QA/QC Inspection forms, and timesheets to a digital platform allows us to automate workflow, improve safety, and increase productivity. The Turner Tablet eliminates the latency associated with data entry, making real-time analytics possible.

What is it?

  • Electronic JSAs – Quantifies each response to guide teams through a safe work process

  • Foreman’s Progress – Tracks progress of work to be done

  • Electronic Timesheets – Takes time entry to the field and keeps it there

  • Electronic Forms – Identifies, connects, and populates fields within the tablet solution
  • Remote Safety Risk Assessment – Provides a comprehensive view of work past, present, and future

  • Electronic Audits – Evaluate risk levels for health or safety issues

  • Knowledge Capture – Centralize, share, and dynamically deliver insights

What does it do for you?

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