Our Turnaround Teams are On-call and Ready For You.

Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages (STOs) are a crucial necessity and reoccurring reality of operations. STOs consist of a complex web of planning, scheduling and hiring to ensure the proper repair, maintenance or replacement of equipment at a client’s facility while maximizing safety and minimizing downtime. Assets and productivity are on the line – as well as millions in client revenue.

Our specially trained turnaround teams are on-call and ready to scale to any project size or complexity. Our Turnaround Services Group and related service groups* can perform turnkey events not performed by a nested maintenance crew, eliminating the need for multiple contractors. Not only does consolidating services lower the cost of ownership, it streamlines the process by using one point of contact and one invoice.

Contact us today, and let us be the one solution for your site’s success.

    Our Turnaround Services Group has performed more shutdowns, turnarounds and outages than any other company. In 2019 alone, they worked 4.2 million hours and made 40,000 welds with a 99.55% acceptance rate.

    Turnkey Turnaround Services:

    • Specialized Welding
    • Bolt Torquing
    • Cranes & Rigging
    • Bundle Extraction
    • Catalyst Cleaning
    • Chemical Cleaning
    • SIPA Services
    • Project Controls
    • Automated Hydroblasting & Vacuum Truck Services