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40-Year Anniversary: Turner Industries Lifts Off With Space Shuttle Enterprise


This year marks the 40th anniversary of a truly monumental achievement for Turner Industries. In 1984, NASA entrusted our crane and rigging group with the mission of transporting the iconic Space Shuttle Enterprise from Mobile, Alabama, to the Louisiana World’s Fair in New Orleans.

The Enterprise was a symbol of American ingenuity and the dawning age of space exploration. Perched atop a modified Boeing 747 at a Mobile airbase, the 175-ton behemoth presented a unique challenge. Recognizing our expertise, NASA called upon Turner Industries, confident that we possessed the only crane capable of handling such a delicate and critical operation.

The momentous day arrived, witnessed by a captivated audience that included Mobile residents, NASA astronauts, scientists, and engineers. Our crane team meticulously lifted the Enterprise, separating it from its Boeing 747 carrier. The shuttle then embarked on the next leg of its journey, carefully placed on a specialized trailer and transported down the Mississippi River by barge to its final destination — the World’s Fair in New Orleans.

This historic project not only solidified Turner Industries’ reputation as a leader in the crane and rigging industry but also garnered national recognition for the company. The 40th anniversary of this event serves as a reminder of Turner’s innovation and excellence, qualities that continue to make us an industry leader today.

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