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Turner Industries Wins National Excellence in Construction Award


Turner Industries was recognized with a national Excellence in Construction® Pyramid Award for work completed on the Wind Blade Rack Fabrication Project during the 2024 ABC Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Turner Industries fabricated four pairs of wind turbine installation modules, which were then delivered via barge to the Northeast. This was a major fabrication project at Turner’s New Iberia, Louisiana, module fabrication yard. By project’s end, Turner had fabricated and assembled eight wind blade racks made of structural steel, including four doubletower blade “tip racks” weighing 98 metric tons apiece and four single-tower “root racks” weighing 78 metric tons apiece.

The EIC awards recognized 91 of the nation’s top construction projects in 2023. The leading national competition honors general and specialty contractors for industry-leading, safe and innovative construction projects from across the country.

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