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Workforce Development

Be a part of something big

Imagine being a part of a massive team that helps make modern life as we know it possible. That’s exactly what Turner Industries has to offer. With over 18,000 employees working together every day to provide essential services and solutions to the companies that produce fuel, energy, and materials, our employees play a vital role in making the world go round!

Are you curious about what it’s like to work at Turner Industries? Well, we’ve got something fun for you. Pick a crew that interests you and click the icon to take a fun quiz. You’ll learn all about Turner and how the company contributes to the world we live in.

Remember, your future is wide open, and Turner Industries could be the gateway to an awesome career that makes a real impact. So, let’s explore and see where your path takes you!


Innovators are thinkers who can identify problems and come up with solutions. Our innovators design custom software, fly drones, and operate robotics. They work with the latest industrial solutions, including automating tasks, to maximize efficiency.

Career Opportunities for Innovators Include:

Information Technology — Project Controls — Supervision — Safety — Marketing — Vacuum Truck Operator — Drone Pilot — Rope Access Technician — Hydroblasting Operator — Workforce Development


Makers like to bring ideas to life. They like hands-on work where the results are tangible. Whether fabricating spools of pipe in shops, or building a new facility, our Makers use their skills and knowledge to make modern life as we know it possible.

Career Opportunities for Makers Include:

Construction — Modular Fabrication — Pipe Fabrication and Bending — Vessel and Steel Fabrication—Capital Projects — Pipefitter — Welder — Carpenter — Scaffold Builder — Boilermaker — Millwright— Electrician — Insulator — Iron Worker


Road Warriors love travel and adventure. Whether traveling from site to site working on turnarounds, closing new business deals, or transporting equipment and materials as part of our equipment fleet, our Road Warriors spend a significant amount of time on the road.

At Turner Industries, we have many career opportunities that will fit a person who likes to be on the go. For example, our Equipment, Rigging, and Specialized Transportation Division has close to 2,000 pieces of heavy equipment and fleet vehicles. Our turnaround group performs more turnarounds than any other contractor in the nation, our sales team visits clients nationwide to secure future business deals, and our workforce development team makes sure we have the workforce to man our jobs.

Career Opportunities for Road Warriors Include:

Crane Operator — Welder — Planner/Scheduler — Supervisor — Helper — Millwright — Pipefitter —Project Controls — Quality Controls — Safety — Scaffolder — Insulator — Painter — Abatement — Rope Access — Timekeeper — Sales — Workforce Development — Drivers


Guardians protect our business, industry, and people. They make sure the facilities we work in are maintained at the highest level, our projects are on schedule and on budget, the quality of our work is up to par, and all our employees go home safely to their families at the end of each day.

Career Opportunities for Guardians Include:

Maintenance — Safety — Environmental Services — Project Controls — Quality Control — Timekeeping — Office Management — Accounting — Purchasing — Legal — Benefits — Human Resources — Personnel — Medical — Superintendent — Supervisor — Foreman — Training Professional


Ready to take the next step? Check out the links below for fantastic employment and training opportunities and resources. There has never been a better time to begin a career in heavy industry. Whether you’re interested in working with your hands in the field or exploring the technical side, there’s a place for you!

Wherever you work or whatever job you perform for Turner, your next opportunity is right around the corner. Some of our most senior executives were once in your shoes, beginning their careers by working in the field.

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