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At Turner, we’ve built a culture of safety into everything we do. We’re always exploring new and innovative strategies to ensure the safety of each employee and the protection of company and client assets.

Our programs and initiatives are designed so that everyone has the right knowledge, tools, and guidance to perform at the highest level and make it home safely at the end of each day.

Read our 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more about our commitment to safety.

Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) National Safety Award Winner
Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Safety Award Winner
GBRIA Contractor Safety Excellence Award Winner
No. 1 on ABC’s 2024 Top Performers List
2023 Houston Safety Excellence Awards Winner

Safety Programs

Safety Programs

Stop The Drop

Objects dropped from heights are a serious safety hazard at worksites. Turner practices careful job planning, auditing, incident sharing, and craft education to protect our teams and equipment from injury and damage.

Here’s how you can help Stop the Drop when working from heights:

  • Secure the area below – Put barricades with tags around the area below before you start work at heights.
  • Secure your tools – Properly fasten your tools to a lanyard or tether.
  • Maintain good housekeeping – Always know where your tools and materials are located, and never leave anything behind.

Small measures can prevent major injuries.

Safety Programs

Stop Work Authority

At Turner, all employees have the authority to suspend a work task or group operation when it is perceived an unsafe condition, act, error, omission, or lack of understanding exists.

The STOP WORK Authority (SWA) program is built upon three pillars of accountability and communication:

  • Care – The willingness to confront an issue.
  • Concern – The willingness to speak up.
  • Courage – The trust that your message will be taken seriously.

When in doubt, talk it out.

Safety Programs

Human Performance Factors

Our focus on safety must always be top of mind as we deal with distractions both inside and outside the gates. The Human Performance Initiative seeks to understand why mistakes occur instead of how mistakes occur.

Designed to analyze individual, organizational, and environmental factors that lead to ultimate safety performance, Turner’s Human Performance Initiative offers a greater understanding of the factors influencing individual decision-making that affect overall success.

With a focus on the work to be performed, the worker performing that work, and the environmental factors that affect safe execution, we can further predict and enhance end-level results for the best overall performance. Coupled with a vibrant and innovative safety process and a high level of engagement and interaction by our workforce, Turner’s Human Performance Initiative helps to ensure industry-leading performance that drives us toward the ultimate achievement of Zero Incident Performance.

At Turner Industries, safety means we provide our employee with the right knowledge, tools, and guidance to ensure our employees’ attention to safety is always louder than the noise.

Safety Programs

“I’ve Got Your Six”

“I’ve Got Your Six” is part of Turner’s STOP WORK program.

The saying “I’ve got your six” started in World War I, when fighter pilots used the phrase to describe protecting a fellow pilot’s six o’clock (back) position.

Today the phrase has grown to mean “I’m watching out for you! I’ve got your back!”

The purpose is to stress the importance of watching out for each other during work activity and encouraging workers to speak up when they notice something that may affect the safety of a coworker or crew, and how to receive that message from a coworker.

As with all Turner safety initiatives, communication is key.

Safety Programs

Life Critical Safety Rules

Over the past several years, Turner has moved away from the reactionary mode of our industry and taken a more proactive approach to safety. During this time, based on historical accident and incident data, we’ve identified seven life critical safety rules, which, if not followed, can compromise the health and safety of our workers.

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Line Breaking
  • Fall Protection
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Walking Under a Live Load
  • JSA & Permit Requirements
  • No Drugs/Alcohol

These life safety rules are an integral part of protecting the health and safety of every Turner employee.

2023 Safety Statistics

Safety By the Numbers

  • 0.25
  • 40 MM
    Hours Worked
  • 428
  • 92%
    Recordable-Free Worksites
  • 74%
    Injury-Free Worksites

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