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Information Technology

DECIDE WITH DATA® Software and Services

Proprietary technologies allow our clients and employees to remove the guesswork.

Behind Turner Industries’ quality, service and productivity, is a strategic asset – Information Technology. Turner Industries, a leader in industrial construction and maintenance, is also a leader in developing cutting edge technology solutions. Turner Industries has designed state-of-the-art information technology solutions to meet the unique information requirements of the industrial marketplace. Using our DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services developed in-house, we achieve documented cost savings solutions for our clients.

Estimating Systems

QuickPlan™ is designed to provide a quick & accurate estimating/job planning tool for field planners that do not have access to any other Turner Proprietary Applications.  QuickPlan™ produces man-hour & labor cost estimates for small scale projects using industry labor factor standards, factored indirect labor units & user-defined difficulty factors produced to a MS Excel spreadsheet.  QuickPlan™ has limited project management capabilities, but data is easily migrated into WinPCS ®, where management of these tasks through the project life cycle begins (schedule task creation, progress updating, efficiency calculation, etc..).

WINTAKE® is a proprietary digitized take-off (estimating) system for the industrial marketplace. The system is integrated with Planning/Scheduling, Project Controls and Job Cost. Key benefits include quicker and more accurate estimates at the lowest level of project detail for all disciplines (Pipe, Steel, Civil, E&I). All of the disciplines have a similar look and feel, and data may be input via keyboard, mouse, or a digitizer pad.

The Civil module of the WinTake® system enables an estimator to standardize the input/output of data and provide a more accurate and timely Civil estimate. As an example of its many features, with a minimal number of entries and no user calculations, the application will make the following calculations: Cubic Yards of Excavation, Square Feet of Shoring, Square Feet of Forming, Cubic Yards of Concrete, Square Feet of Rubbing, Square Feet of Finishing, Cubic Feet of Grout, Cubic Yards of Spoil, Cubic Yards of Backfill, Square Feet of Fine Grade and Pounds of Rebar.

The Steel module of the WinTake® system assists the estimator in producing a Steel estimate faster and more accurate. Some of the features of the Steel program include: On screen filtering, sorting, and summarization of the take-off line items, fields for Piece Mark, Category, Area, and Elevation information, and drop-down entry and duplication boxes to avoid re-keying duplicate information.

Electrical & Instrumentation
The Electrical and Instrumentation module of the WinTake® system provides a corporate-wide standard for E&I estimating. This module is driven by abbreviation, and it details information on systems, areas, and materials. User defined modules in conjunction with an automated take-off method for fittings per linear foot of conduit, allows the estimator to increase detail without compromising speed. The increased detail and history will provide for more accurate and cost efficient estimates for our clients.

The Pipe module of the WinTake® system provides the means to prepare a quick and accurate estimate for a piping estimate. Both labor and material are entered into the system by industry standard and custom abbreviations while calculating cost of material and labor without user intervention. Detail reports are provided to order material and bidding purposes.

Our proprietary estimating system is designed specifically for the industrial marketplace. The system is integrated with Planning/Scheduling and Project Controls. Key benefits include detail accurate estimates of different types of equipment, such as Exchangers, Towers, Drums, etc. It is designed to quickly estimate these types of equipment for the Turnaround and Maintenance environments.

  • Automated equipment estimating
  • Versatile – Menu Driven
  • Developed using Turner expertise from experiences at hundreds of maintenance sites across the country
  • Streamlines estimating efforts
  • Can be tailored to meet site-specific equipment specifications
  • Major Equipment Types Addressed: Agitator, Blower, Boiler, Conveyor, Drum, Exchanger, Filter, Furnace, Pump, Reactor, Regenerator, Tower

Personnel Logistics System

The CraftTrax® web application is designed to accelerate the hiring/rehiring process and give a comprehensive real-time view into each craftsperson’s status. It was developed to strengthen communications between multiple personnel offices and jobsites. The CraftTrax® application gives management real-time data by job or geographical office location. By providing management immediate and accurate job status, this information can be presented to clients with the comprehensive information to plan for current workforce challenges.

The CraftTrax® application addresses staffing bottlenecks of a tight labor market. This gives us the ability to select from more than 180,000 skilled craft personnel to supply to our jobsites in a timely manner. One potential client from a major refinery stated: “All construction vendors say they have a proprietary tool to manage their personnel database…but you guys are the first to show us.” Numerous clients have made similar statements and the CraftTrax® application has assisted us in managing labor requirements for projects that ranged in manpower size from just a few to several thousand people.

Major benefits of the system are centralization of information and reduction of phone calls. Personnel offices can view and assist in filling staffing needs from any location and jobsites can check the progress of labor requests on demand.

Additional benefits include processing previous employees for rehire. This process was accelerated by adding the ability to auto-populate forms for review and signing, therefore expediting their arrival to the jobsite.

Project Control Systems

WinPCS® software is an award winning system that is part of a field execution methodology that ensures every task on the Turnaround and/or Construction project is tracked on a shift by shift basis. This tool has a proven track record and provides a physical percent complete and productivity measurements giving us a definitive advantage over the competition.

The basic functionality of WinPCS® software interfaces the actual direct labor work hours and dollars expended to the actual field progress work tasks for a given window of time. WinPCS® software easily tracks the following on a time now basis:

  • Project percent complete.
  • Work hour and dollar efficiencies.
  • Actual -vs.- budget comparisons.

WinPCS® software focuses on direct labor management techniques because it is the most volatile resource, and must be controlled if the project is to be successful. The amount of required materials to complete a project is definite and measurable, but the direct labor efficiency swings in direct proportion to the applied management techniques.

The MAPS® (Maintenance Applied Productivity System) software is a plant improvement system developed with a graphical user interface technology providing an innovative method of measuring work performance by integrating productivity (actual time worked) versus efficiency (expended vs. budgeted hours). This system ensures we are delivering the most value to our maintenance clientele.

Why was MAPS® software developed?

  • To Track Productivity and Efficiency in the Maintenance Arena
  • To Ensure That We Are Providing Our Maintenance Customers With The Most Cost-Effective Labor Services

What does MAPS® software do?

  • Provides On-going Workforce Productivity Data
  • Highlights Areas of Non-Productive Time So That Root Cause Can Be Identified and Addressed
  • Provides Work Order Efficiency Based On “Earned” Man-Hours
  • Provides Management With Tool to Maintain High Efficiency and Productivity
  • Work Order Efficiency

Efficiency Data Indicates Effectiveness of:

  • Planning Efforts
  • Leadership Skills in Field Supervision
  • Craft Skills

Project Management/Job Cost System
This management tool allows Project Managers to monitor daily cost and maintain control of labor, material, sub-contracting, small tool and equipment expenditures. Project Managers have the ability to summarize information by discipline and than as needed “drill down” to the lowest level of transaction detail to manage project cost. This entire system is fully integrated with the other proprietary systems.

Small Tools System
This is an inventory barcoding system designed to help us efficiently keep track of our tool inventories, costs, and transactions from the job sites to the warehouses to central purchasing. The pen-based and laser scanning barcoding capabilities make this system easy to use. This system strengthens client partnerships/alliances, reduces unnecessary tool purchases, optimizes tool inventory, increases productivity and cash flow and provides Turner Industries with a competitive advantage.

Quality Control Systems
WeldTracker® software is used in the tracking of pipe and plate welding on projects – both construction and maintenance.The system is based around a weld log and associated tables that cover welders, weld procedures and pipe specifications. These combine to form a broad source of information on weld status, welder productivity, NDE frequency, etc. to supply site superintendents, managers and Quality Control inspectors with “decision making” data.

Weld information can be viewed and reported in a number of ways which include queries by project, drawing, line number, specification, area, test system, weld number, and status of completion.

The system is designed to check welding procedures and qualifications of each welder by job pipe specifications. This allows each welder’s continuity, production, and efficiency to be tracked daily, weekly, or for the entire job. The overall project may be tracked either by total job or subproject. Projections can be made displaying “time to complete” based on count of welds or by weld inch.

But, ultimately, the WeldTracker® software is designed to provide a turnover document of completed welds while documenting all of the nondestructive examinations used.

TRAM® Solutions has arrived
With TRAM® Solutions, TRAM® Software and TRAM® Services, Turner Industries has created a breakthrough proprietary process that identifies and quantifies cost risks associated with industrial projects and turnarounds.

TRAM® Solutions – Mitigate Risk, Eliminate Stress and Save Millions
TRAM® Solutions is the overarching umbrella under which TRAM® Software and TRAM® Services are offered. TRAM® Solutions also provides secure and easy access to our clients for accessing the TRAM® Software application at:

TRAM® Software – Let Data Decide – Remove Guessing from the Equation
TRAM® Software is a user-friendly web-based application used to identify and quantify budget compliance risk associated with the execution of industrial projects and turnarounds, facilitating a proactive approach to mitigate those risks. When TRAM® Software is used, dollars saved though mitigated risk can often be measured in the millions.

TRAM® Services – Help is on the Way
TRAM® Services provides subject matter expertise in facilitating improvement activities for managing industrial projects and turnarounds including: turnaround risk analysis modeling, process and governance compliance assessments, event preparedness evaluations, operations think tanks, turnaround process continuous improvement, asset reference planning and threat assessments.

TurnerConnect, web-based software


  • Customizable pay formulas
  • Manage employee pay formula assignments
  • Manage employees’ work schedules
  • Manage employee basic data
    • Badge #s, employee #s, craft, crew, etc
  • Ability to create manual in/out punches to offset missing data
  • Ability to change calculated hours to account for variances
    • Changes must be logged for audit purposes


  • Ability to interface with Turner’s ERP
  • Manage WBS, PO, Work Order, and Line Item levels based on client needs
  • Allocations not allowed for more than the net calculated hours
  • Reporting options
  • Exporting options


  • Manage job clock hardware

Client Services

System Integration
Turner Industries provides system integrated solution for client projects. We have developed system interfaces with client systems across numerous platforms from mainframe to client server technology resulting in mutual cost savings.

Gatelog Interface
Turner Industries has developed timekeeping system interfaces with numerous client gatelog systems. In addition, we have a mobile gatelog system setup for large Turnarounds and Construction projects.

Electronic Transfer
Turner Industries has the system ability to accept electronic payments and document transfers via its wide-area network.

Contract Management Services
Turner Industries can provide fully-integrated Contract Management Services. This includes project management, procurement, sub-contract, accounts payable, billing and planning/scheduling services. This team of resources specializes outsourcing the above functions for clients in large Turnaround and/or Construction projects.

Turner Industries utilizes Computerized Aided Design software to detail rigging and hauling plans for lifting projects. These highly technical resources have portable and desktop solutions to provide clients with on-site solutions.

To order, download, license and obtain any of the above DECIDE WITH DATA® software and applications, please contact us via email or by calling 800-288-6503. Each order, license or download will require the licensee to enter into an agreement or agreements with terms and conditions.

To set up a demonstration for any of the above DECIDE WITH DATA® software and applications, please contact us via email or by calling 800-288-6503.

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