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Industrial Innovation Since Day One

For over 60 years, Turner Industries has provided turnkey industrial services and solutions to the companies that produce fuel, energy, and the materials essential to modern life.

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We know what it takes to work safely on every job, while also reducing downtime, minimizing costs, increasing reliability, and achieving operational excellence.


Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages

Turner Industries’ shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages teams perform more event work than any other contractor in the business, and our Specialized Welding Services (SWS) group can execute complete turnkey events.

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In addition to developing and supporting our current employees, we are always searching for qualified and dedicated members to join our team.

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Corporate Responsibility

Turner supports the communities where our employees and clients live and work.

We also highlight some of the best examples of Turner’s corporate and social responsibility in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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This flagship project aims to reduce the administrative burden on Turner’s frontline supervisors by digitizing their work processes with the help of intrinsically safe tablets.

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Innovation & Technology

Proprietary Productivity Software & More

Turner Industries’ in-house developers have created a variety of proprietary software tools that we use to maximize efficiency and productivity at client sites across the country.

Our inspection group also utilizes UAVs to perform high-risk aerial inspections and nondestructive examination in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Turner Through the Decades


A young engineer named Bert Turner buys Nichols Construction Company out of bankruptcy. The company specializes in industrial construction, heavy equipment, hauling, rigging and equipment rental. It doesn’t take Turner long to realize that the industrial construction industry is a series of peaks and valleys. So, he begins to take steps to ensure a steady stream of revenue, embarking on industrial contract maintenance and other services.

Turner Through the Decades


Turner begins to acquire companies and add additional services like scaffolding, as well as continually expanding the equipment fleet and growing a nested maintenance footprint. These moves provide the company with opportunities to manage and control most of the elements that make up construction, maintenance and turnaround work.

Turner Through the Decades


The Turner group enters the fabrication business, forming International Piping Systems, and introduces a pipe bending process that revolutionizes the pipe fabrication business in the United States. The company participates in many of the large industrial construction projects being built in the Gulf South at the time.

Turner Through the Decades


Industrial specialty services, such as NDE and inspection services, specialized welding, and environmental remediation are added to fill client needs as they arise. Proprietary technology is developed to better track and manage work.

Turner Through the Decades


The early companies consolidated into one entity– Turner Industries Group– with four main business lines: Construction; Maintenance & Turnarounds; Pipe and Module Fabrication; and Equipment and Specialty Services.

Turner Through the Decades

2010 – Present

A main focus at Turner today is digitizing the wealth of data generated by our employees and at our clients’ jobsites to make data-driven decisions that reduct costs, save time, and improve safety metrics. Our ever-evolving DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services portfolio offers a digital ”toolbox” that can solve critical client productivity, reliability, and safety issues.

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