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Reduce costs, save time, and improve safety metrics.

We use technology to help solve the most challenging problems we see our clients face in the field.

However, innovation at Turner Industries doesn’t just happen on a screen.  It happens in how we approach every project, every time.

Our ever-evolving DECIDE WITH DATA® software and services portfolio offers you industry-leading solutions that can solve critical client productivity, reliability, and safety issues.


Industry Experience Paired with Information Technology

Over 60 years of experience at your fingertips

Turner Industries has designed custom and proprietary information technology solutions to meet the information requirements of the industrial marketplace. We have the right digital tools, which have received national awards, for every aspect of the job.

  • Estimating
  • Personnel Logistics
  • Project Control Systems
  • Client Services

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Turner’s Tablet Apps

Setting the PACE at your jobsite

Here is How We Set the Pace:

  • Productivity – Crews focus less on finding forms and more on completing tasks
  • Adaptability – Customization for the needs of the jobsite
  • Collaboration – As a partner in your success, Turner is always available to solve any challenges at your site
  • Efficiency – Digitizing forms saves time by eliminating data entry and redundancy

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MobilOps® Software

Plant Software from Plant People

MobilOps® is an integrated plant management and field operations software that is owned and backed by Turner’s extensive experience.

  • Track your Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Manage your Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Reliability

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MobilOps® Software

Field Vision

Enable field mobility, decrease unscheduled downtime, and run a safer, more profitable operation.

MobilOps® Software

Tool Tracker

Get real-time location info on all your tools. Workers get to the job faster, and you save money on tool loss and maintenance.

MobilOps® Software

Compliance Manager

From one-off tasks to recurring, let your compliance department automate tasks within their compliance program and demonstrate a documented history of completed compliance activities.

MobilOps® Software

Action Manager

Capture action items and recommendations across all teams and sources. Collaborate, move faster, and see at a glance who’s doing what and their progress.

MobilOps® Software

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Let us show you what MobilOps® can do for you.

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Robotics and Drones

The tools of tomorrow, utilized today.

Stop unnecessary inspections. Reduce risk. Save money.

Our specialty services division working across the country utilizes innovative robotics and drones and the most advanced NDE inspection technology on the market.

Turner’s drones perform high-risk aerial inspections and non-destructive examination in a time-efficient manner. These drones capture 4K HD video and use infrared cameras to detect cold spots and hot spots.

In addition to our state-of-the-art drones, Turner utilizes robotic crawlers, capable of performing both internal and external NDE inspections with remote visual inspection and ultrasonic thickness capabilities.


Other Examples of Turner’s Industrial Innovation

Industrial Innovation

Pipe Bending

Turner’s pipe bending process offers a reliable and effective solution for various industries, including pipeline, oil field, power, chemical process, and refining. By employing pipe bending techniques, significant cost savings of up to 25 percent can be achieved through the reduction of welds and materials required.

Pipe Fabrication and Bending

Industrial Innovation

Rope Access

Rope access is one of the safest, efficient, and cost-effective ways of carrying out a wide range of tasks at elevated heights. Turner is consistently raising the standards in terms of both cost savings for our clients and prioritizing safety. Rope access not only ensures significant savings in terms of time and expenses, but it also minimizes the risks involved for personnel compared to traditional methods.

TSS – Rope Access

Industrial Innovation

Workforce Development: “One-Stop Hiring” Process

Turner has implemented a one-stop hiring process to streamline and optimize our workforce development and recruitment efforts. By rethinking the hiring process, we’ve consolidated all hiring tasks and procedures at one location into a single, cohesive process, simplifying the overall experience for new employees. Turner’s one-stop hiring process also enables us to efficiently source candidates, conduct interviews, perform background checks, and administer the required assessments or tests on site.

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