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Who We Are


The success of Turner Industries, and therefore our clients, relies on our ability to attract, retain, and train a quality workforce. This is not a one-sided equation; it’s a continuum. Our success and growth leads to more employment opportunities, career paths, and economically stable communities where our employees live and work.

By making major commitments to in-house innovations and partnership initiatives, we ensure the ability to provide our clients with the skilled craftspeople and management necessary to achieve their goals.

Read our 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more about our unwavering commitment to workforce development.


By making major commitments to in-house innovations and partnership initiatives, Turner Industries has always been on the leading edge of workforce development, investing heavily in the time and resources necessary to attract and retain a quality workforce.

Turner leverages its partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) chapters in each of the geographic areas that we operate. ABC acts as a facilitator of industry-education pathways and helps Turner develop our current and future workforce.
On a national level, Turner works alongside NCCER to provide a safe and productive workforce. Turner utilizes NCCER to develop a workforce development system that includes accreditation, training, assessment, certification, and career development.
Grants and In-House Training
Turner creates an environment where career development is accessible to all through in-house training and state workforce grant programs.

Turner’s in-house Voice of Leadership class was developed to enhance leadership excellence and maintain a culture of leadership development.


Our workforce development team travels across the country mentoring, teaching, and recruiting the next generation of industry leaders from high schools, technical colleges, the military and other organizations.

High Schools and Technical Colleges

Signing Day Ceremonies — At Turner, we want to integrate new professionals into the industry with the fanfare they deserve. High School Signing Days are just one of the many ways we show our support to the up-and-coming generation.
High Schools and Technical Colleges

Educational Partnerships and ParticipationTurner regularly participates in events like job fairs, banquets, and career days to engage with schools and build personal relationships with students. We help to mentor these students, educate them about careers in industry, and provide the resources they will need to become career-ready graduates.
At Turner, we proudly employ veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and frequently recruit at military bases and veteran job fairs.

Four-time CURT Workforce Development Award winner

“Our workforce development efforts are ongoing and far reaching,” said Stephen Toups, CEO of Turner Industries. “From supporting existing programs to exploring new solutions, we vow to always continue our efforts to support and attract the most important asset to us and our industry—people.”


Workforce Development By the Numbers

  • 18,330
    Peak Headcount
  • 34,659
    W-2s Issued
  • 58,745
    Visits to Recruiters
  • 316,778
    Visits to
  • 100%
    Journeymen Craft Employees Tested by Turner or Third Party

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