Pasadena Personnel + Training Center Open House

Turner Industries is proud to announce the completion of our newest hiring and personnel facility. Built to better serve our Houston-area clients and employees, this 33,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building will be a “one stop shop” for job candidates, allowing them to interview, complete medical testing and orientation as well as site-specific safety and craft training.

Facility Quick Facts

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Turner Industries On-Boarding Process

Recruiting and processing starts before an individual steps foot onto Turner’s campus.

Turner Industries’ recruiters utilize CraftTrax™, a proprietary database and program that serves a variety of functions, to pull reports of potential candidates as well as all major third-party job boards. Recruiters cold-call and conduct in-person interviews to vet prospective employees, check NCCER certifications, and assign them to prequalifying craft tests if necessary. Once a prospective employee satisfies all necessary criteria, recruiters initiate the hiring process.

CraftTrax provides the processing queue system for the personnel team. When a new hire moves through the building they are digitally ‘moved’ to different queues in CraftTrax for that portion of their process, in real time.

At this facility, Turner Industries can process a minimum of 150 people every day.

Turner is an E-Verify employer. As an employee processes, Turner verifies an employee’s I-9, United States work authorization, and background screening consent forms for accuracy. This ensures compliance with Federal regulations in real time.

Once an employee finishes their process paperwork, they are queued to the personnel medical team.

Medical conducts drug and alcohol screening in-house, including the collection of third-party drug screens such as DISA, Vector, and NASAP. Turner is certified to collect all widely used drug screening methods such as urine, hair follicle, and oral fluid. The company is a zero-tolerance employer for drug and alcohol abuse.

Turner partners with Core Medical to conduct physicals and respirator fit-testing in-house with four respirator fit-testing machines. Core conducts any site required fit-for-duty exams, return-to-work exams, and is on-hand to address first aid needs for employees at Turner’s Pasadena, Texas campus.

When the employee completes the medical portion of processing, they are queued to Turner’s Safety Council room to complete the final steps.

Turner Industries is proud to have the Health and Safety Council (HASC) in-house at this facility. HASC provides employees computer-based testing including the Basic Plus Refresher course and site-specific training, complete with the ability to print HASC cards.

Turner personnel employees in the Safety Testing Center administer Turner’s Safety and Health Orientation, which provides baseline training on the subject matter under OSHA 1910 annual training requirements. They also finalize employees’ site requirements before dispatching them to work. Once all necessary drug screening, background screening, and HASC training is complete, employees are given a referral to go to work and closed out in CraftTrax.

Depending on site requirements, it is possible for an employee to process through and report to a jobsite to begin work on the same day.

This 3500 sq. ft. space is a hands-on lab for all types of crafts taught by Subject Matter Experts. To receive NCCER’s “Performance Verified” certificate, our employees must demonstrate skills in a controlled environment in front of qualified performance evaluators. If our employees complete both the written and performance assessments, NCCER awards them with the “Certified Plus” certification. These certifications help develop our workforce and provide them with opportunities to advance their careers.

Training Highlights:

  • Rope Access Training/Qualification Platform
  • NCCER Rigging Hands-On Qualification
  • NCCER Boilermaker Hands-On Assessment Training
  • NCCER Pipefitter Hands-On Assessment Training
  • NCCER Industrial Mechanic Hands-On Training
  • Turner Competent Scaffold Builder/User Hands-On Training
  • Fall Protection Training Platform
  • Turner Power-Tool User Training Core Competency Training

To complement the craft training lab, the new Turner Personnel office houses a National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) computer testing center. Turner’s Workforce Development group will be able to facilitate NCCER assessments, module testing, and online training. This testing center makes it easier to support site needs for testing and training. The computers can also be used for employees to complete Turner and NCCER upgrade training programs. 

Thank you for coming to our open house!