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2-Dat Crackin’ Turnaround

The Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex (NMC) completed a multi-block event which included turnarounds in both their GO-1 South and Coke Processing Units. In addition to traditional turnaround maintenance work, there were 21 capital projects that were integrated across the event.  

Turner Industries worked over 95,000 safe hours while providing main mechanical, vacuum truck, hydro blasting, and line mole services throughout the event and performed work on over 100 exchangers and executed 11 small capital projects. 

Location: Norco, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • Hours Worked: 95,000 
  • Exchangers Worked On: 100
  • Capital Projects: 11 
  • Welds Completed: 2,209 at a 0.0023 Rejection Rate  
  • OSHA Recordables: ZERO 

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