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2019 Distilling Big Lock Turnaround

Turner Industries’ Specialized Welding Services piping and structural crews mobilized in August of 2018 to perform a large amount of capital project work covering the SGP, VF4 and DU2 units at the Shell Deer Park Refinery 

In September of 2019, the first phases of the Distilling Big Block Turnaround (a multi-unit shutdown) began with the SWS group as the main mechanical contractor working on multiple large capital piping projects and crude furnace rebuilds. 

The work spanned the VF4, HDU2, DU2, and VF3 process units and also included offsite logistic work. SWS provided skilled pipe fitters, boilermakers, welders, and supervision to successfully complete this event. 

Two crude furnace modules, each weighing in at 250 tons, were successfully installed along with over 900 piping spools and 2,300 welds performed. 

Location: Deer Park, Texas

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