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Crack More Ethane (CME) Project at Dow Plaquemine

The Crack More Ethane (CME) Project was a landmark capacity expansion coupled with a large maintenance turnaround in the same process area finished in November 2016. 

Turner was awarded the project in the last quarter of 2015 and worked the construction phase from November 2015 until the start of the turnaround which began on October 1, 2016 to complete the final tie-ins of the project. 

Turner provided construction, maintenance, specialty services, crane and rigging, and turnkey turnaround services. 

Location: Plaquemine, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • Total of 6,732 welds with an average size of 6” were completed with an acceptance rate of 99.83%. 
  • Peak Headcount: 800 employees  
  • Over 275,000 recordable-free workhours  
  • Turnaround Services, Specialized Welding Services  

The CME Project was completed on time, within budget and OSHA recordable free. 

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